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This is a collection of favorite websites to connect you to further links, provide you with some ideas and help you narrow down a search.  I hope that you will find them useful.  Let us know if you want to add any categories / websites.

"The rules are there to be broken, but first you have to know the rules." Anon.


General Instructional Design Resources

Accredited Online Schools and Colleges--Complete list of accredited online college degree programs and online degrees
Accredited Online Schools and Colleges--In-depth guide to accreditation in higher education
Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF)--non-profit organization focused on empowering Indigenous children in financial need to build a future through quality education and careers at Australia’s leading schools, universities and companies
Comprehensive listing of online graduate certificates in instructional design, online teaching, e-learning, and related fields
Cornerstone On Demand--An explanation of learning styles
Definitions of Instructional Design--Adapted from "Training and Instructional Design", Penn State University
Education Place--this is a good site for online games

Inspire Education--one of Australia’s leading Vocational Training Organizations

Instructional Design and Technology--Tools, Tips & Thoughts

Instructional Technology--Though many design models exist, twelve authors impart their perspectives and address these design aspects as they impact their educational experiences. University of Houston

MastersInEducationOnline--provides helpful information on the challenges students and recent graduates face; challenges such as selecting a teaching specialty, understanding career options and outlooks, and finding a quality online master's program

Online Colleges--Search schools nationwide, find college scholarships and resources

Online Degree Programs by Directory of Schools--earn online degrees from accredited universities, colleges, academies and institutions

Online Search and Comparison Guidebook

OpenSesame--an e-learning marketplace with over 23,000 learning courses (both free and paid)
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Assessment Strategies
Assessment in and of Collaborative Learning--Developed and edited by the Washington Center's Evaluation Committee
Instruction & Assessment Portfolios--Portfolio Overview
Online Resources for Assessment--Comprehensive list of assessment activities and strategies by RMC Research Corporation

Web-based Assessment--Two UK Initiatives

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Designing for Inclusion

Color Deficiency--Color perception problems are more wide-spread than people think, and have more causes and variations,  © 2001 Diane Wilson.

Color Blindness--This site is a good simulator of color blindness

Do's and Don'ts for Color Blind Design

Ensuring Equity with Alternative Assessments

E-zine of the International Disability Exchanges and Studies (IDEAS) Project 2000-2004

Information on Learning Disabilities--learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysnomia, speech disorder etc.

Instructional Design and Technology--Tools, Tips & Thoughts

Online Textbook--Collaborative Teaching: Special Education for Inclusive Classrooms © 2000-2001 Parrot Publishing, L.L.C.
WebAim--The Web Accessibility "How To" site

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Designing of Online Activities
Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web

Case Studies in Instructional Technology and Design--Compelling multimedia instructional design cases on the web allow beginning and experienced developers to explore issues and practice in instructional design

Instructional Design and Technology--Tools, Tips & Thoughts

Lloyd's Gallery of Neat Stuff--Interactive simulations and games related to understanding instructional technology
Make Online Puzzles as engaging activities for learning concepts, maps and processes

Merriam-Webster Online--Language center where you can look up words, play word games and add a free word-search to your website

Quia - Where learning takes you--Create your own educational activities on the Internet. Play activities in various topics that others have created

Ulead COOL 3D

UMUC-Verizon Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology--Provides information about using the web to design and deliver interactive online courses

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Evaluating a Good Website

Evaluating Products and Developing an Overall Strategy for technology-based course development and management

Checklists of Checkpoints--for Web Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

Evaluating Website Content--information teaching kids how to evaluate whether a website is good or not

Jakob Nielson's bi-weekly column on Web usability

Menu--This site gives you 8 steps of checking information on a website

Software & Courseware Design & Evaluation--ACE publications

Web Tool for Comparative Analysis--This site is designed to help educators evaluate and select online delivery software

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Fabulous Freebies
Building Free Online Communities and host free online chat rooms
CommSy is a free WWW-based system supporting communication within communities
Corel Photos--It's their largest Freebies update ever: clipart, photos, brushes and image lists. Over 60 files in all
Daily Updates on Distance Education

Educational Freeware--contains some of the best educational freeware on the web
Find Fabulous Photos--for your website - free downloads

Free Educational Software, Marianne Wartoft AB

Free Online Seminars--about online learning

Free Scripting--to make your web page more dynamic and interesting

Guidelines for Searching the Internet for Sources--including the use of engines and directories, formulating search terms and using Boolean logic

Web Conferencing--collaboration and online meetings
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Facilitation Skills / Teaching Strategies
Strategies for Teachers--One Computer Classroom

Seven Principles of Effective Teaching--A Practical Lens for Evaluating Online Courses

Tips and Strategies--from Peak Learning Systems' resources, such as Motivation & Learning, Teaching Tips, and Teaching Treasures

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International Conferences
Conferences Relevant to Distance Education and Development--especially on communication, culture and distance education in Africa
Information & Research Support Education Conferences--Information on the Web General Information | World Wide Web Conferences Conferences run or sponsored by Charles Strut University
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Learning Styles and Profiles

Index of Learning Styles--Solomon/Felder online questionnaire

Links to Learning Styles--temperament sorters and surveys

New Students - New Learning Styles--Longitudinal study by Charles Schroeder

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Managing Courseware Design

Collection of Academic Publications--describing developments in courseware management systems, techniques for developing computer assisted learning materials
Collaborative Courseware Development--for the Analysis and Design of Software Systems
Educational Courseware--Instructional Design Links to Learning
Higher Education Links--Resources and courseware in Engineering and Technology
Instructional Design and Technology--Tools, Tips & Thoughts

Managing the Digital Enterprise--is an "open courseware" project that was begun in 1998
Showcase Site--Courseware Course Development Managing Course Content Solutions Teaching Research Learning Instructional Tech Web Page Design Digital Video
Study Guides--for testing, reading, writing, and participation - available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Luganda, Turkish, Russian, German, French, and Italian
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New Paradigms and Research in Instructional Technology
Cyber Guys--This site is for wireless mouse for PowerPoint presentations
Design-Research for the Indiana University Bloomington World Wide--Report on goals, needs analysis, rapid prototyping, usability testing, and revisions of the IU Bloomington web information structure Instructional Systems Technology

Concurrent Instructional Design--How to Produce Online Courses Using a Lean Team Approach

Tech Education--This site shows research about technology in education
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Publications and Forums
Educational Telematics Discussion List: subscribe at
Index for Ed Tech Site--Top Ten Lists Must Read New Books for Instructional Design and Technology / Seminal Papers / BookTalk / Cafe / eNews
Free E-Books on Online Education--Online Quizzes / FREE Distant Education Newsletter
ITFORUM--A listserv for the Instructional Technology Community with monthly article discussions
MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching--a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students in higher education
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Software and Applications

Blackboard e-learning Platform.
Books--on drafting and Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Gaining Access--Walks you through making your own database
Lexia--Designed with a mature interface, Reading S.O.S. starts with basic first grade reading skills and works up to advanced decoding and comprehension
Macromedia--Dreamweaver, Flash & Fireworks
Programmer's Corner serves those interested in Programming and Writing. We cover many programming languages, including Visual Basic, Power Builder, C/C++, as well as Web Design, Graphic Design, Help Authoring, Kiosks, and Distance Learning
Quest Multimedia Authoring Tool--the Designer's Edge, the Manager's Edge-training delivery and management tool, and custom courseware solutions
Respondus: the leading developer of third-party testing and assessment tools for the WebCT™ and Blackboard® e-Learning platforms

Virtual Mechanics IMS Web Engine--Software Dynamic HTML authoring software for the design of web pages, games, interactive animation, business presentations and educational courseware
Visio--free trial software for drawing geometric shapes
WebCT--Web Course Tools for Educators - also join to share in the teaching community

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