Ocean Life Scavanger Hunt
by Sommer Legarski
Click on the button to link to a website to find the answer to the questions.  You may have to look around some of the sites to find the answers.   Good Luck!

 1. When did life begin in the ocean?  When did life begin on land? 
2.  How many species of fish are there in the ocean? 
3.  How many different known species of plants and animals live in the ocean? 
4.  Name 3 ocean species that are now extinct. 
5.  Name 4 types of ocean animals and tell what each one eats. 
6.  How far can green turtles migrate to lay their eggs? 
7.  Where are bat stars typically found? 
8.  How does the disk anemone reproduce? 
9.  Name the class, order, family, and genus of penguins. 
10. What type of "whale" is actually considered a dolphin? 

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