Handouts that may help you develop your Website

(Using Front Page and Internet Explorer)

I use these handouts with my pre-service teachers in the Division of Education at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  Thus you will note that the emphasis is on content that applies to student teachers who will soon be graduating and applying for jobs in K-12 teaching.  You will therefore need to extrapolate along the way if you are using these handouts to help you develop a website with some other purpose in mind.

These handouts assume that you are using Microsoft's FrontPage, and that you have created a Yahoo/geocities account where your web pages will be stored.  The handouts explain how to create such an account and how to work with it.

Click on the links below one by one and choose the option to Save the documents to your computer so that you can open them in Word whenever you are ready to use them.

Bernie Poole, May 7, 2004

Handout #1 (Creating your Home Page on the Web)

Handout #2 (Working with your Web Pages)

Handout #3 (Web Page Project Description)

Handout #4 (Putting your Resume online)

Handout #5 (Guidelines for your Professional Portfolio and Lesson Plans)

Handout #6 (Completing your Web Page Project)

Handout #7 (Class Management System Website)

Handout #7 (Web Page Editing Tips and Tricks--using FrontPage)

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