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  Victim Services




Victim Notification: As a crime victim in Pennsylvania you have the right to receive basic information about services available to you. The agencies listed below may assist you and provide you with information.

University of Pittsburgh Sexual Assault Services

Pitt Student Health Services

Counseling Center at Pitt

University of Pittsburgh Association of Chaplaincies

Alle-Kiski Area Hope Center (412) 339-4673

The Center for Victims of Violent Crimes

Children & Youth Services: 412-355-5701 (24 hrs.)

Childline 1-800-932-0323

Crisis Center North, Inc. (412) 364-5556

Department of Aging (412) 355-4234

Employees Assistance Program

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (412) 373-6233

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape 412-765-2731 (24 hrs.)

Womens Center and Shelter

Womansplace, Inc.(412) 678-4616

Domestic Violence Victim Notice:

If you are the victim of domestic violence, you have the right to go to court and file a petition requesting an order for protection from domestic abuse pursuant to the Protection From Abuse Act (23 PA C.S. CH 61) which could include the following:

1. Order directing the abuser to leave your household.

2. Order preventing the abuser from entering your school,     household, or place of employment.

3. Order awarding you or parent temporary custody of or     temporary visitation with your child or children.

4. Order directing the abuser to pay support to you and the minor     children if the abuser has legal obligation to do so.


Información para víctimas de violencia doméstica.

Las víctimas de abuso doméstico tienen el derecho de ir a la corte y presentar una solicitud para obtener una Orden de Protección contra el Abuso Doméstico, actuando de conformidad con el Acta de Protección contra el Abuso (23 PA C.S. Capítulo 61). Dicha Orden podría disponer lo siguiente:

1. Ordernar al abusador a dejar el hogar de la víctima.

2. Ordernar al abusador a no regresar al hogar, la escuela, el      negocio o lugar de empleo de la víctima.

3. Otorgar la custodia temporal de menores o el derecho de      visita temporal, bien sea a la víctima o al otro progenitor.

4. Ordernar al abusador a pagar la manutención de la víctima y     de los menores hijos, siempre que el abusador se encuentre     legalmente obligado a pagar dicha manutención.