Emergency 412-624-2121

3412 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15260 (map)



  Safety Talks




The Pitt Police Department, upon request, will provide safety talks to any department wishing safety information within their particular department. The discussions take about an hour and are very valuable. Safety seminars are available for all members with in University community at no charge by calling 412-624-4040.


· Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or   situation / leave.

·Notify Pitt Police if you see any suspicious persons in your  residence halls or apartment.

· Be aware of your surroundings and travel in well-lit areas. Avoid   shortcuts through alleys and isolated areas.

· If you are being followed, cross the street and go into an open   establishment or where there is a group present then call Pitt Police.

· Do not walk alone at night. Utilize the campus shuttle.

· Do not leave your property unattended. Most thefts reported are   of property left unattended.

· If you are being harassed by a panhandler, notify the Pitt Police   or City of Pittsburgh Police immediately.

· Hold your purse, book bag or briefcase close to your body and   keep a firm grip.

· When calling the Pitt Police, give the communication dispatcher   an accurate description of your attacker; race, complexion, body   build, height, weight, type and color of clothing.

· Lock the door when you are in your room or apartment.
  Never prop open any doors. Close any exterior doors that you   find propped open.

· Never open your door to strangers.

· Do not advertise on your door or apartment where you will be or   when you will return.

· Be aware of others when using ATM machines.