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  Police Interaction




Police Interaction

The University of Pittsburgh Police provide a visible presence throughout the campus area. Officers are encouraged to become acquainted with the persons who live and work in the officer's assigned area. Police interaction with the public is expected, and officer's contact with the public better serves the community.

In the course of investigating an incident, you may be stopped and questioned by a Pitt Police Officer. This may happen for a variety of reasons. The officer may be investigating a crime and want to know if you have information that may be helpful, a crime may have occurred recently and you match a description of the suspect, or another citizen may have made a complaint against you and the officer is trying to determine if the complaint has merit.

In all cases, if an officer asks you to identify yourself, you must show your valid Pitt ID.(See Student Code of Conduct ). The officer may ask you reasonable questions to help determine whether a crime has occurred, or a complaint is valid. You are encouraged to cooperate with the officer in order to expedite the process. Upon request, all Pitt Police Officers will provide their name and badge number, and/or business card.

During any interaction with a Pitt Police Officer, if you wish to compliment the officer, or file a complaint against the officer, see the section of our Web Page titled Input form. For additional information, also review the portion of the Web site titled Professional Conduct.