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3412 Forbes Avenue
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  Mission Statement



Mission Statement:

The primary mission of the University of Pittsburgh Police Department is for the protection and welfare of all University students, staff, faculty, visitors, and guests to the University as well as the safeguarding of all property. In fulfilling this mission, our Department shall perform the necessary law enforcement functions within our jurisdiction and assist in a diverse range of services to the University community.
The values that guide the officer's working decisions are central to its mission. These values include accountability, diversity, education and training, problem-solving, compassion, cooperation, excellence, fairness, integrity, human life, the laws and Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and professionalism. When put into practice, these values assist the officers' in providing the highest level of quality service.
The Department's values are characteristics of qualities of work. Although the officers of the Department may need to balance these values from time to time both an individual and collective basis, the Department will never ignore these values for the sake of expediency or personal preference. The Department holds these values constantly before it to teach and remind the Department's members and the community which those members serve, of the Department's ideals. These values are the cornerstones upon which the Department is founded.