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  History Cont.




Through the 1980's, the department continued to grow in terms of officers and equipment. At that time, the department went back to being titled the Department of Public Safety. Also in the 80's University Officer's teamed up with the City of Pittsburgh Police Department Officer's on an Impact Detail where highly visible foot beat officer's protected the campus community.

The 1990's again brought change as the agency went back to being the University of Pittsburgh Police Department. The organization was often on the cutting edge of police work and patrol functions. By early 1995, bicycle patrol officer's hit the streets along with motorcycle units in April of 1997.

Perhaps the biggest change in the decade though was the introduction of officer standards throughout the Municipal Police Officer's Training Act (ACT 120). Now, the university required its officer's to attend accredited Police Academy's meeting the same standards as all Pennsylvania Municipal Police Departments.

Today, the department is still the third largest police agency in Allegheny County where the Lieutenants and Commander support the Chief of Police. The Sergeants oversee daily operations of the Patrol and Investigations Units and a Support Staff of unarmed building guards and civilian communication employees are also part of the department.

Providing security for major collegiate sporting events, offering protection to visiting dignitaries and esteemed members of the university community and taking pride in dealing with the students in a professional level are a few of the things that make this department stand alone. The pride each officer takes in the departments close relationship with the City of Pittsburgh and its esteemed position in the Oakland community is why the University of Pittsburgh Police Department is a highly respected state of the art law enforcement agency.

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