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Alarm Monitoring

The Police Department monitors numerous alarms both on campus and from a remote area 24/7 using a centralized computer system. Many other alarms come into our station by phone from contracted security alarm companies as well as the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire.

Bicycle Unit top

The University has been on the cutting edge in the use of police bicycles in the Pittsburgh area. Pitt Police had the first unit in the city in 1983. Officers are trained and certified by the National Police Mountain Bike Association. The department has a certified as an instructor and has trained members of the City of Pittsburgh Police as well as other municipal police officers. The bicycle officers can respond quickly in areas where the motor vehicle can not - grass, ups stairs, down alley-ways and even through buildings.

Contract Services top

At the request of a campus department, faculty or student organization, the Pitt Police provide contracted security services. If you would like to inquire about those services, please use our online form.

Crowd Control top

In the event of an emergency, the department is trained and well equipped to provide crowd control.

Dignitary Protection

Dignitaries visit our campus occasionally. At that time the department provides integrated support and protection with various government agencies.

EMS-811 top

EMS-811 line calls for emergency medical assistance which are received by our station are immediately dispatched over our city radio. All police officers radios are equipped to send and receive on all City of Pittsburgh emergency radio channels (Police/Fire/EMS). The university wide 811 telephone emergency number rings into our dispatch center. All of our officers and guards are first aid certified and all patrol vehicles are equipped with AED devices for cardiac aid.

Emergency Notification top

In the event of an emergency situation, our department has access to class schedules and directory information to attempt to locate a student. We also use the services of student affairs personnel and staff from the university counseling center to assist our staff in emergency notification if necessary.

Engraving top

The Pitt Police provide engraving tools and instructions to individuals that are interested in marking and identifying their valuable items such as bicycles, computers, and calculators.

Event Security top

The department provides additional security for many university events and athletic competitions. Some of these events involve cash sales and alcohol. Payment for these services is by a university account number.

Fingerprints top

As a courtesy, The Pitt Police provide fingerprint services for faculty, staff and students at a $10.00 cost. 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please call x4-4040 prior to stopping over to insure availability.

Investigations Unit top

This unit conducts follow-up investigations, processes crime scenes and collects evidence required for court. They also assist insurance and credit card agencies with investigations, make referrals and recommendations to victims regarding University Counseling Services, protection from abuse matters, assists other law enforcement agencies with investigations, warrants, notifications, background checks and installing, monitoring and maintaining various surveillance equipment.

Key Control top

The department issues door keys for approximately 109 buildings on campus. If you would like to request a key please open this form, print it, and fax it to x4-0612 or send it via campus mail to:

Mathew O'Donnell, Police Department

G1N30 Posvar Hall

Lost & Found top

Our department is the central location for lost and found. All property turned in to our department is inventoried and the owner is contacted if possible. Because storage space is limited, the department disposes of all unclaimed property every six months. At the time of such disposal, it is published in the Pitt News.

Money Escorts top

Money escorts are provided by the department.

Motorcycle Unit top

The Pitt Police has four motorcycle units who, in addition to responding to calls, are active in traffic control and special details.

Patrol Services top

The department is the fourth largest police department in Allegheny County with 80 uniformed commissioned police officers which ensure the protection of the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, the department maintains a fleet of 23 vehicles with four marked vehicles on patrol each shift, three shifts per day; uniformed walking patrol officers are assigned to all residence halls; bicycle and plainclothes patrols; routine checks of all emergency phones (There are more than 450 emergency phones scattered throughout the campus. Over 70 of them are in outside locations and there is one in every elevator. Most outside boxes are designated by a blue light on top and all newer phones will have the Pitt logo on them); enforce all federal, state and local laws; assist citizens; recover and document all lost property and all vehicle violations for public safety hazards are enforced.

Resident Units top

The department provides police services for all residents under the departments jurisdiction.

Responding to Calls top

The department responds to 40,000 calls per year; 90 percent are service oriented and 10 percent are criminal in nature.

Security Surveys and Talks top

There are security surveys completed and safety talks performed for the faculty, staff and students as part of the Community Relations Division.

Suspicious Packages top

The Pitt Police respond to calls of suspicious packages and have a procedure to follow when handling these packages.