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Community Relations (Students):



Oakland and Pittsburgh

Student Services
Freshman Orientation - All incoming freshman are encouraged to attend an orientation with all service related departments at the University of Pittsburgh. During the session, the students are given an overview of how the police department operates and serves their security needs.

Marketplace - During the fall and summer session, prospective students and their parents have the opportunity to speak with many organizations and departments that are available at the University.

Safety Talks - Throughout the year, a safety talk may be requested by various organizations, ex. Athletics, sorority and fraternities, Student Government Board, and others. At this event, students are given safety tips that can be implemented. They are reminded to walk where it is lit at night and with a friend. There is an overview concerning the emergency phones and how they operate.

Rape Aggression Defense Program

SAFE - Safe is a program sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute, Inc. with the primary goal being survival. It gives the student options if confronted by an attacker by showing self defense tactics. It also dispels the myths surrounding rape victims.

Residence Officer Program:The Residence Officer Program (ROP) at the University of Pittsburgh provides an opportunity for the Pitt Police and the students to work together in a non confrontational setting.

Emergency Evacuation Drills - These drills are conducted by Health and Safety Department to assure all students are familiar with the residence halls. Each residence has a short term and long term evacuation areas designated according to the situation.