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Patricia Opresko - Grants

Years Title Position
October 18-22, 2008 Awarded to support the symposia on “DNA Damage in Neurodegeneration, Aging and Cancer” and “Consequences of Genotoxic Damage to Mitochondrial DNA” and the plenary lecture by Dr. Jerry Shay on “Aging and Cancer: Are Telomeres and Telomerase the Connection?” at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Environmental Mutagen Society held October 18-22, 2008 in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Principal Investigator
August 20 - 25, 2009 Awarded to support the symposia on “DNA Damage Repair and Aging” at the 10th International Conference on Environmental Mutagens held in Florence, Italy

Principal Investigator
2009 - 2011 Mechanisms of Telomeric DNA Loss and Repair, Supplement

Principal Investigator
2010 - 2013 Processing of Alternative Structures in Telomeric DNA". Award to student Gerald Nora

Principal Investigator
2006-2010 Molecular Mechanisms of Telomeric DNA Instability Associated with the Human Progeroid Werner Syndrome

Principal Investigator
2008-2010 Relationship of Age-Related Cataracts and Telomere Length in HumanCollaboration with Dr. Ann Newman at the University of Pittsburgh

Principal Investigator
2006-2013 Mechanisms of Telomeric DNA Loss and Repair

Principal Investigator
2011 - 2014 The Center for Nucleic Acids Science and Technology: An Interdisciplinary Research Center Co-Principal Investigator
2010 - 2012

Impact of UV-induced DNA damage on telomere integrity

Principal Investigator
2010 - 2013

Kirschstein-NRSA Individual Fellowship, 1F30AG032861-01A1 "Processing of Alternative Structures in Telomeric DNA" Award to student Gerald Nora

Co-Principal Investigator
2013 - 2018 R01ES022944/ Mechanisms of Telomere Resistance to DNA Lesion Removal Principal Investigator
7/2013-7/2014 Role of Telomere and Mitochondria Cross-talk in Cellular Aging Co-Principal Investigator
7/1/2013-6/30/2015 R34GM108187/GammaPNA Miniprobes for Telomere FISH Co-Principal Investigator


R21AG045545/Oxidative DNA Base Damage and Repair at Telomeres and the Relevance to Cell Senescence Co-Principal Investigator
2015 - 2020 R21ES025606/ROS Driven Mitochondrial-Telomere Dysfunction During Environmental Stress Co-Principal Investigator
2015 - 2018 R34 Phase II – GammaPNA Miniprobes for Telomere Analysis and RNA FISH Co-Principal Investigator
2016 - 2017 Investigating a non-canonical function of DNA polymerase eta in the maintenance of telomere integrity Co-Principal Investigator
2017 - 2022 R01CA207342/ Roles of Telomere Oxidative DNA Lesions in Telomere Length Co-Principal Investigator
2016 - 2018 Creating transgenic mice to illuminate roles for mitochondrial and telomere damage in cancer and aging Co-Principal Investigator
2016 - 2019 R44GM108187 Phase II – GammaPNA Miniprobes for Telomere Analysis and RNA FISH Co-Principal Investigator

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