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Name Image Year Price Additional Info
The Phonograph Phonograph 1877 Then: $150
Inflated: $3500
Invented by Thomas Edison, it was the first device that was able to reproduce sound recordings.
The Victrola Victrola 1906 Then: $200
Inflated: $4500
The Victrola was produced by the Victor Talking Machine Company, in business from 1901 to 1929.
The 8 track Player 8 Track Player 1965 Then: $100
Inflated: $723
8 Track Tape
Image of 8 track cassette
The Cassette Player Cassette Player 1971 Then: $100
Inflated: %567
Cassette players were mainly installed in cars in the early days. They continued to appear in cars until the switch to Compact Discs was made in the late 1990's.
The CD Player CD Player 1982 Then: $900
Inflated: $2160.69
The CD player revolutionized the music industry. The amount of data a CD could hold was vastly greater than the amount of data a Cassette could hold.
The iPod The iPod 2001 Then: $400
Inflated: $518.79
The iPod completely revolutionized the music industry. It led to the growth of piracy and the creation of many other MP3 players. It was the first time an entire music library became portable.
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