PittSWE Officers

Kylie Zeis

Year: Senior
Major: Industrial Engineering
Activities: SWE, VP of Alpha Pi Mu, F.E.L.T. Peer Advisor, Senior Chapter Liaison of Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers, Project Sunshine
Industry Experience: Global Supply Chain Intern at Colgate-Palmolive, Co-op at MSA Safety Co. (MSA)
Abroad Experience: Plus3 Germany
Interests: Traveling, music, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pitt basketball, volunteering
Favorite Part of SWE: SWE provides so many different types of events for its members, such as professional development, service, outreach, and social. This helps shape well-rounded individuals!

Vice President:
Summer Jiries

Year: Senior
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minors: Economics, Petroleum Engineering
Activities: SWE, Chemistry Teaching Assistant
Laboratory Experience: The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research: Laboratory of Biomedical Science
Industry Experience: Telecommunications Intern at EQT, Field Engineer at Schlumberger
Abroad Experience: Engineering for a Better Environment: Brazil 2014, Renewable Energy and Sustainability: Iceland 2015
Interests: Traveling, meeting people, and working out
Favorite Part of SWE: Empowering women and the endless opportunities.

Heather Amper

Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Engineering
Activities: SWE, Engineers for a Sustainable World, Youth Ministry Leader
Industry Experience: AECOM Environment Student Intern
Interests: Sustainability, meeting new people, church, food, and Netflix documentaries
Favorite Part of SWE: I really enjoy the network of people SWE has established in my life as well as the opportunity I get to inspire young minds to enter engineering.

Kaleigh Smith

Year: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Activities: Phi Sigma Rho
Abroad Experience: French Nuclear Power, Engineering of the Renaissance
Interests: hiking, puppies, food
Favorite Part of SWE: My favorite part of SWE is inspiring kids at outreach events!

Corporate Relations:
Casey Kinol

Year: Junior
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Economics
Activities: SWE, ChemEcar
Industry Experience: Co-op with Lubrizol
Interests: Reading, shopping, watching movies, the Office
Favorite Part of SWE: I love how welcoming everyone is and the overwhelming support from upperclassmen.

Corporate Relations:
Nina Obwald

Year: Senior
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Environmental Engineering
Activities: SWE, Phi Sigma Rho, FELT Engineering Ambassadors
Industry Experience: Engineering PDP Internships with BASF in Raleigh, NC and Wyandotte, MI
Abroad Experience: Studied at Lund University, Sweden in the fall 2015 semester
Interests: Volunteering, traveling, music, college basketball, soccer
Favorite Part of SWE: Participating in events to get young students interested in engineering.

Publicity Chair:
Diana Blasi

Year: Sophomore
Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor: Economics
Activities: Aside from SWE, I just finish being Public Relations in RSA and I look forward to rushing next semester.
Industry Experience: Intern at II-VI Incorporated in Pine Brook, New Jersey
Abroad Experience: Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand
Interests: Writing, learning about other cultures and languages, playing video games
Favorite Part of SWE: Talking to young girls about their interests in math and science and careers in engineering. As my high school's captain and only female members of robotics, it has always been important to me to have more girls interested in STEM fields.

Outreach Chair:
Farah Khan

Year: Junior
Major: Bioengineering
Minor: Mechanical Engineering
Concentration: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine
Activities: BMES, SWE, biking, volunteering
Laboratory Experience: Sound, Systems, Structures Lab- Dr. Vipperman
Abroad Experience: ISA Healthcare in India Study Abroad Program + Vira I Heinz Program for Women in Global Leadership
Interests: Music, concerts, being outdoors
Favorite Part of SWE: I love the outreach events-- especially now that they're in O'Hara! It's one of my favorite things to walk into the ballroom and see so many girls from Pitt's community enjoying engineering as much as I do!

Social Chair:
Veronica Radin

Year: Sophomore
Major: Industrial Engineering
Activities: Phi Sigma Rho (Engineering Social Sorority), Engineering Student Council (ESC), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Students Consulting Non-profit Organizations (SCNO), Musical Theater Club, Hillel, Student Alumni Association (SAA)
Abroad Experience: Plus3 Germany
Interests: Swimming, animals, kids, music (piano, clarinet, singing), musical theater
Favorite Part of SWE: I love the community of girls who I get to see everyday in Benedum! Seeing so many familiar faces really gets me through the day.

Meeting Coordinator:
Joy Huang

Year: Junior
Major: Bioengineering
Minors: Chemistry, Mathematics
Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine
Activities: SWE, Magee-Womens Hospital Volunteer, ARC Tutor, POMS
Laboratory/Abroad Experience: Summer Research Intern at National University of Singapore, research with Dr. Vipperman in strengthening articulable columns
Interests: Playing piano, graphic design, drawing, math, badminton
Favorite Part of SWE: Learning from and networking with other engineering students and sharing my own knowledge and passion for engineering with young girls!

Stephanie Thornton

Year: Freshman
Major: Chemical Engineering
Activities: SWE, Pitt Project Potter
Interests: Reading, running, listening to music, Disney, Grey's Anatomy, Pittsburgh Pirates
Favorite Part of SWE: I am excited to build friendships with the other SWE members and work with them to inspire other young women to become leaders and engineers.

Mentorship Chair:
Brooke Arnold

Year: Junior
Major: Bioengineering
Activities: SWE, Math Club
Abroad Experience: Visited France for 2 weeks during the summer of 2014
Interests: Math, crafts, Frozen, skiing, kickboxing
Favorite Part of SWE: I love SWE because everyone there has a common interest and is dealing with the same stress from school work and we can all help each other through it.

Lauren Czerniak

Year: Sophomore
Major: Industrial Engineering
Activities: Society of Women in Engineering (SWE), Student Alumni Association (SAA)
Abroad Experience: Traveled to Riviera Maya, Mexico
Interests: Shopping, golfing, yoga, being active, water skiing, spending time with friends, mathematics
Favorite Part of SWE: I love that the Society gives me the opportunity to meet other females who share the same interests as me and together we are able to spread the engineering field to other young females!

Public Relations:
Laura Traczynski

Year: Sophomore
Major: Civil Engineering
Activities: SWE, Pitt Dance Ensemble
Interests: Tap dancing, watching musicals, exploring Pittsburgh
Favorite Part of SWE: I love that I have the opportunity to work with other women in engineering who share my passions. SWE has created a very supportive and welcoming community!

WE Local Conference Chair:
Jackie Welsh

Year: Sophomore
Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor: Spanish
Activities: SWE(of course!) and Club Cross Country
Abroad Experience: Plus 3 Costa Rica
Interests: Running, reading, good movies, and bad jokes
Favorite Part of SWE: Encouraging young girls to pursue STEM fields through outreach events!

WE Local Conference Chair:
Becky Glucksman

Year: Senior- Graduating Fall 2016
Major: Civil Engineering
Concentration/Certificate: Structural Engineering Concentration, Engineering for Humanity Certificate
Activities: Toastmasters, SWE, Equestrian Club
Industry Experience:Co-Op at Crown Castle, Internship at WSP/ Parsons Brinckerhoff
Research Experience:International Research Experience for Students (IRES) with the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation, Independent Study, Bachelor's of Philosophy
Interests: running, going to the beach, traveling, horseback riding
Favorite Part of SWE: My favorite part of SWE is meeting other female engineers. I have made a lot of great relationships over the years from my involvement with SWE.

Faculty Advisor:
Jennifer Welton

Status: Manager of Corporate Relations, Swanson School of Engineering
Degrees: BA, Communications, University of Pittsburgh
Interests: Traveling, volunteerism, NHL, being a mom
Favorite Part of SWE: Being a part of preparing the best and brightest young women to succeed in their careers and introducing the youngest of women to the field of engineering and all it has to offer.

SWE Counselor:
Erica Stevens

Status: University of Pittsburgh Materials Science and Engineering PhD program
Degree: BS in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pittsburgh
Interests: 3D printing, materials characterization, health and fitness, photography and photo editing Favorite part of SWE: My favorite part of SWE is the availability of opportunities. Whether you want help with school or your career, or if you just want some good friends, SWE has you covered.