The William Russell Robinson Recording Studio is a 32-track, state-of-the-art digital recording facility which rivals the finest New York and L.A. studios. Funded by a generous grant from State Representative Wm. R. Robinson and designed and installed by Pierre Marc Davis, the new studio offers students hands-on experience in the latest recording techniques and technologies.

From input to mastering, everything remains in the digital realm, offering a clean and uncolored signal path for absolute fidelity. All editing is done in a nondestructive manner, giving engineers the chance to experiment with many different mixes and edits--yet allowing complete restoration with a simple touch of the undo button.

Student engineers and musicians gain valuable experience using industry-standard recording equipment, microphones and outboard effects. Microphones available include Neumann and AKG studio condenser mics, as well as Sennheiser and Shure dynamic mics. Outboard effects include Lexicon, Behringer and DBX signal processors and reverbs.

Main mixing is done on a Mackie digital board. Mastering can be done directly to DAT, hard disk, reel to reel or CD. Near-field monitoring is handled by Mackie powered studio monitors. Credit courses are taught by industry professionals, such as Dae Bennett, Grammy winning engineer and producer.

The spacious studio offers plenty of space for any size recording project, from trio through big band or ensemble. A Yamaha grand piano, Hammond organ and Yamaha drum set are available to anyone using the facilities.

Although Music Department projects have priority, the studio is available for other projects at reasonable hourly rates. For more information about availability, please contact us at:

Jazz Studies
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Telephone: 412 624-4187
Fax: 412 624-4186