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who's visiting now, 2014-15

Senior Visiting  Fellow

::: William Bechtel, Academic Year
“Diagrams as Tools for Reasoning about Mechanisms”

University of California, San Diego, United States

Visiting Fellows

::: Joshua Alexander, Fall Term
“The Cognitive Science of Disagreement”
Siena College, United States

::: Ingo Brigandt, Fall Term
“Standards, Aims, and Values: An Account of Explanation in Biology”
University of Alberta, Canada

::: Karim Bschir, Fall Term
“Qualitative Uncertainty in Science – The Case of the Threshold of Toxicological Concern Approach in Health Risk Assessment”
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

::: Christian Damböck, Spring Term
"Carnap’s Aufbau as influenced by the Dilthey-school"
Institute Vienna Circle, Austria

Zoe Drayson, Spring Term
“Cognition, Representation and Explanation”
University of Stirling, United Kingdom

::: Nicholaos Jones, Fall Term
“Network Diagrams in Systems Biological Practice”
University of Alabama at Huntsville, United States

::: Wayne Myrvold, Spring Term
Probabilities in Statistical Mechanics”
University of Western Ontario, Canada

::: Raphael Scholl, Academic Year
“From a Causal Point of View: Rethinking Confirmation, Discovery, Realism and Theory Change in the Biomedical Sciences”
University of Bern, Switzerland

Hamid Seyedsayamdost, Spring Term
"Reproducibility of Empirical Findings"
University of London, LSE, United Kingdom


Postdoctoral Fellows

::: Sara Green, Academic Year
“Representational Strategies for Dealing with Complexity in the Life Sciences”
Aarhus University, Denmark

::: Maria Serban, Academic Year
“Emergentist Explanations of Cognition”
University East Anglia, United Kingdom

Visiting Scholars

Leonardo Bich, October
“Biological Autonomy, Self-Regulation, and the Origin of Minimal Cognition”
University of the Basque Country, Spain

Armando Cíntora, October
“Epistemic Brute Facts and the Risk of Pseudo Explanation: When Trying to Minimize Their Number in Science” 
Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico




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