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Marta Bertolaso
University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy
Fall Term 2012
Biological Complexity and Contingency in Hierarchical Organized Systems

Marta Bertolaso is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome. She has been studying the Epistemology of Biology with a specific focus on cancer research and on the philosophical implications of the theoretical models that have been proposed to account for its occurrence.  She is currently exploring the relationships between contingency, hierarchy and causal complexity in the study of cancer. In particular, her interest deals with how features of organizational levels are structured. She aims at providing both a better understanding of that phenomenon and drawing lessons for the epistemology of complex systems in general. She enjoys discussing issues with her students and colleagues. 

Some of her hobbies include: collecting and arranging flowers and interior decoration in general. When you cannot find her in the University or at home, look for her in some beautiful, natural place with trees, rivers and flowers. She also enjoys walking and biking. Reading a good book over a cup of tea is another good option for resting and enjoying the company of family and friends when the weather does not allow for anything else.


2013 Update

Refereed Papers:

Bertolaso M. (2012) La Dimensione non Riduzionista del Riduzionismo nella Ricerca Sperimentale Dai Modelli Molecolari a Quelli Sistemici nella Ricerca sul Cancro. Rivista Di Filosofia Neo-Scolastica, Special Issue, Vol. 4 (in press).

Bertolaso M. (2013) On the Structure of Biological Explanations: Beyond Functional Ascriptions in Cancer Research. Epistemologia, Vol. 35 (in press).

Bertolaso M. (2013) La Indeterminación Biológica y las Perspectivas Sistémicas de la Biología Contemporánea, in un Volume Speciale su “El debate sobre el determinismo. Nuevas perspectivas desde la ciencia contemporánea”, Special Issue, Anuario Filosófico (in press).

Bertolaso M. (2013) Breaking Down Levels of Biological Organization, Theoretical Biology Forum (accepted).

Collective Books’ Chapters:

Bertolaso M. (2013) Sulla ‘irriducibilità’ della prospettiva sistemica in biologia. In: L. Urbani Ulivi (Ed) Strutture di mondo. Il pensiero sistemico come specchio di una realtà complessa, Il Mulino, Bologna (in press).

Bertolaso M., Giuliani A., Filippi S. (2013) The Mesoscopic Level and its Epistemological Relevance in Systems Biology, André X. C. N. Valente AXCN, Gao Y, Sarkar A (Eds) Recent Advances in Systems Biology, NovaScience (invited chapter, in press).


Bertolaso M. (2013) How Science works. Choosing Levels of Explanation in Biological Sciences, Aracne (in press)



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