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Allan Franklin
Visiting Fellow
Spring 1986
University of Colorado, Boulder

June 2008

Franklin, A., A. W. F. Edwards, D. J. Fairbanks, et al. (2008). Ending the Mendel Fisher Controversy. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

Franklin, A. (2007). The Role of Experiments in the Natural Sciences: Examples from Physics and Biology. General Philsophy of Science: Focal Issues. T. A. F. Kuipers. Amsetrdam: Elsevier: 219-274.

Franklin, A. (2008). The Mendel-Fisher Controversy: An Overview. Ending the Mendel Fisher Controversy. A. Franklin, A. W. F. Edwards, D. J. Fairbanks, L. H. Hartwell and T. Seidenfeld. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press: 1-77.

Franklin, A. (2008). "Commentary on Peter Galison's "The Discovery of the Muon and the Failed Revolution against Quantum Electrodynamics." Centaurus50 (162-165).


2016 Update

The past year has been quite eventful. In June 2015 I retired as professor of physics at the University of Colorado. I still have an office in the department and I am continuing my research. I was awarded the 2016 Abraham Pais Prize for history of physics by the American Physical Society. My latest book, What Makes a Good Experiment? was published this year by the University of Pittsburgh Press. Springer published a second edition of my book, The Rise and Fall of the Fifth Force, now co-authored with Ephraim Fischbach. The new edition includes an essay by me updating things since the book was initially published in 1993. It also includes a long personal account by Ephraim Fischbach on how he came to propose the Fifth Force hypothesis. An article I wrote, “Physics Textbooks Don’t Always Tell the Truth,” appeared in Physics in Perspective.




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