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Yuichi Amitani
University of British Columbia, Canada
Academic Year 2011-12
Project: Doing Without Definition - Species as a Proxy Concept

Yuichi's specialty is philosophy of biological systematics. He is also interested in evolutionary explanation of human rationality (e.g., fast and frugal heuristics).

His research project is to analyze the concept of species as a `proxy' concept and apply the analysis to other concepts in science. In the dissertation he described how biologists communicate concerning species when they have no particular definition of ‘species,’ and argued that the notion of “good species” is a prototype of the concept species as explicated in cognitive psychology. To extend this approach, he plans to explore the role played by species as what he calls a “proxy concept.” The need for a proxy concept arises when there are competing definitions associated with the concept, and no consensus as to which definition is correct. It stands in for a definition and thus helps biologists communicate concerning theories of speciation and species diversity, all the while disagreeing about the definitions of ‘species.’

When Yuichi is not doing research, he likes to run and swim. He also loves to watch professional Shogi (a Japanese version of chess) matches via Internet. He used to do tea ceremony for a few years but is afraid he now forgot everything he learned.

2014 Update

Book Review: "Rationality and the Reflective Mind", (Keith Stanovich, Oxford University Press), PHS Studies, 8: 88-91.

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