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Workshop on Mark Wilson's
Physics Avoidance

November 9, 2019
Center for Philosophy of Science
1008 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA USA







Wilson's new collection of essays represents his mature thoughts on such philosophical issues as conceptual change, the use of models, and the role of scales in scientific contexts. It presents a view of science that is in stark contrast to certain very deeply entrenched views in the philosophical literature. Wilson discusses how applied mathematics can be used to solve deep problems that present themselves in context where straightforward representational and computational strategies become unfeasible. There are interesting consequences for our understanding of metaphysical notions of possibility and necessity.

This workshop will feature scholars in an author meets critics format capped off by a panel discussion.



9:00 Coffee/Pastries

9:30 Laura Ruetsche (University of Michigan)
"'More deleterious than historical ignorance': When the Concrete is Hard"

10:45 Thomas Ryckman (Stanford University)
"Metaphysics Avoidance: Mark Wilson and Ernst Cassirer"

12:00 Lunch Break

2:00 Porter Williams (University of Southern California)

3:15 Gordon Belot (University of Michigan)
"One Cheer for Theory T"

4:30 Coffee Break

4:45 Panel Discussion

5:45 Adjourn



Julia Bursten (University of Kentucky)
Jennifer Jhun (Duke University)
James Woodward (University of Pittsburgh)


For more info:
Cheryl Greer (cmg84@pitt.edu)


Sponsored by the Center for Philosophy of Science











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