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Ancient of Days

The Ancient of Days

Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection
at the Library of Congress


History Unveiled, Science Unfettered

A Workshop in Honor of James E. McGuire


19 January 2002

In 2001-2002, Professor James E. McGuire celebrates his seventieth birthday and thirty-one years of teaching, scholarship and service as a founding professor of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science. We meet to honor our friend and celebrate his achievements.

Opening Remarks
9:15-9:30         Peter K. Machamer

The Work of Isaac Newton
Morning Chair:  Bernard R. Goldstein

9:30-10:10       Alan Shapiro (University of Minnesota)
                        Newton’s “Experimental Philosophy"
10:10-10:50     Ofer Gal (Ben Gurion University)
                        The Inverse Square Law
10:50-11:20     Coffee Break
11:20-12:00     Discussion: The Work of Isaac Newton
12:00- 1:30      Lunch Break

The Historiography of Science
Afternoon Chair: Paul Griffiths

1:30-2:10        Barbara Tuchanska (University of Lodz)
                       Clio meets Minerva: Interrelations between History and Philosophy of Science
2:10-2:50        John G. McEvoy (University of Cincinnati)
                       Whither the History of Science: Reflections of the Historiography of the Chemical Revolution
2:50-3:30        Discussion: The Historiography of Science
3:30-4:00        Coffee Break
4:00-4:40        James J. Bono (SUNY at Buffalo)
                       The Book of Nature: Then and Now
4:40-5:00        Discussion: The Book of Nature
5:00-5:30        General Discussion
6:00-9:00        Reception, 1201 Bruce Hall


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and Philosophy of Science
(412) 624.5897
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