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Athens-Pittsburgh Symposium
in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

These symposia, held every two years in Greece in recognition of Athens as the birthplace of western philosophy, are a joint undertaking of the Center for Philosophy of Science, the University of Athens and the National Technical University of Athens in Greece. The first symposium, The Problem of Anthropomorphism in Science and Philosophy, occurred May 28-30, 1996, in Delphi, Greece at the European Cultural Center. The proceedings of the symposium appear in Philosophy and the Many Faces of Science, edited by Dionysios Anapolitanos, Aristides Baltas, and Stavroula Tsinorema, published in 1998 by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc. The 2nd symposium, The History and Philosophy of Greek Medical Traditions from Hippocrates to Harvey, was held May 22-26, 1998, at the University of Athens. The 3rd symposium, Experience and Knowledge, was held October 26-30, 2000, at the University of Crete.

For the first three of the biennial symposia, the Latsis Foundation provided major funding, supplemented by funding from the Harvey and Leslie Wagner Endowment. Dr. Spiro J. Latsis heads the Latsis Foundation, and is himself a philosopher of science and a former student of Imre Lakotos.

The 4th Meeting of the Athens-Pittsburgh Symposium took place in Greece, 1-6 June 2003. The topic was Forms of Proof and Demonstration in Philosophy and Science.


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