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Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP)
Third Biennial Conference
22-24 June 2011
University of Exeter, Exeter, UK

For registration and further information on the conference, please visit the website of Egenis at the University of Exeter: http://www.genomicsnetwork.ac.uk/egenis/events/conferences/title,23552,en.html

For general information on SPSP, please see:

Deadline for submission: 1 December 2010.  Under exceptional circumstances, late submissions may be considered by the Program Committee's discretion if there is still space on the program; however, on-time submissions will receive clear priority.  If you plan to submit but foresee that you will not be able to meet the deadline, please let us know beforehand.

Please send paper or session proposals by e-mail attachment (Word document preferred) to <info.spsp@gw.utwente.nl>, using "SPSP2011 abstract submission" or "SPSP2011 symposium submission" in the subject line.  Acknowledgment of receipt has not been automated, so it can take several days; however, if you have not heard anything within one week, please contact Mieke Boon <m.boon@utwente.nl>.

Notification of acceptance: 1 February 2011

The Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP) aims to create an interdisciplinary community of scholars who approach the philosophy of science with a focus on scientific practice and the practical uses of scientific knowledge.  For further details on our objectives, see our mission statement on our website (URL above).

The SPSP biennial conferences provide a broad forum for scholars committed to making detailed and systematic studies of scientific practices — neither dismissing concerns about truth and rationality, nor ignoring contextual and pragmatic factors.  The conferences aim at cutting through traditional disciplinary barriers and developing novel approaches.  We welcome contributions from not only philosophers of science, but also philosophers working in epistemology and ethics, as well as the philosophy of engineering, medicine, agriculture, and other practical fields.  Additionally, we welcome contributions from historians and sociologists of science, pure and applied scientists, and any others with an interest in philosophical questions regarding scientific practice.

In addition to keynote lectures by invited speakers, who will include Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent (Université Paris-X Nanterre), Philip Kitcher (Columbia University), and Sandra Mitchell (University of Pittsburgh), the conference will feature parallel sessions with contributed papers.  For the 2011 conference, we encourage submissions on any topic related to the organization's objectives. For examples of previous topics, please consult our webpage for programs from our past two conferences.

We welcome both individual papers, and also strongly encourage proposals for whole, thematic sessions with coordinated papers, particularly those which include multiple disciplinary perspectives and/or input from scientific practitioners. You may wish to involve other members of SPSP (a listing is available on our website) or post a notice to the SPSP listserv describing your area of interest and seeking other possible participants for a session proposal.

Individual paper proposals must include a title and an abstract of 500 words, and full contact information for the speaker(s).

Session proposals must include an overall title for the session, a 250-500 words abstract of the session, and a 500-word abstract for each paper (or an equivalent amount of depth and detail, if the format of the proposed session is a less traditional one), and full contact information for each contributor.  Session proposals should be submitted as a group by the organizer of the session.

Multiple submissions of any form by the same person will not be allowed.  Please direct all queries to <info.spsp@gw.utwente.nl>.

To receive updates about this conference, please become a member of the SPSP mailing list at http://www.gw.utwente.nl/spsp/membership/Membership%20Mailinglist.doc/
and also check the SPSP website at http://www.gw.utwente.nl/spsp/events/Third_Biennial_SPSP_Conference/


Revised 11/29/10 - Copyright 2010