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Lilia Gurova
Center Recollections

One of my first days in the Center. Malcolm Forster is talking with John Norton in the lounge room. This day I learned the lesson: if you need a rest and want to chat, go to the Center lounge - you’ll find somebody there, or somebody will find you soon.


13 January 2006: my first attendance at the Center lunchtime seminar. Nicholas Rescher is opening the Spring term session with his talk on “Limits and limitation”. I was not able to follow the talk properly, I should admit now, because of the feeling I had during the whole talk as if I was listening to Santa Claus, who, I had ever believed before, was not part of my physical world. (This feeling needs an explanation and it is that Nick Rescher was one of my intellectual  heros in the 1980s, when I was a Ph.D. student in Sofia. At that time it couldn’t even come to my mind that one day I may stay in the same room with him and listen to his talk.)

One of the informal meetings of Spring, 2006 visiting fellows  and the Center Director at my temporary  home in Pittsburgh. Carla, Malcolm, John, Craig, Wang Wei, Nikolay (from left to right). Warm memories …


14 February 2006. John Norton is going to speak about Einstein’s statistical physics of 1905. Peter Machamer seems to give him important last directions…

Jerry Massey and John Norton, in the coffee break at one of the Center lunchtime seminars. I first met John and Jerry in September 2004, in Ghent, at a nice workshop on thought experiments. At that workshop I first started to consider seriously the idea to apply for a visiting fellowship to Pittsburgh. Both John and Jerry, although in different ways, contributed to my positive decision enormously, and I’ll be always grateful them for that.


Some of the HPS department  graduate students,  in the Center lounge.
It’s not often to see so many smart young people on unit area…


Carol and Joyce – always there and always helpful.

Another hero of my graduate years.
His book “The Logic of Questions and Answers” (1976, co-author T. B. Steel) I first read in Russian.
Nuel Belnap arrived at that conference  with his brand new Apple laptop. For some reasons, however, the nice pebbles which are seen on the picture were the only thing which showed up on the screen. Balazs Gyenis is seen trying to help, without success so far… Obviously, good logic is sometimes not enough …





March, outside the Cathedral. Spring is beautiful everywhere.


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