This Journal publishes articles in all areas of mathematical sociology. It also welcomes papers in areas of mutual interest to sociologists and other social and behavioral scientists, and papers which may encourage fruitful connections between sociology and other disciplines.

Articles dealing primarily with the use of mathematical models in social science, the logic of measurement, computers and computer programming, applied mathematics, statistics, or quantitative methodology are welcome insofar as they make some contribution to the understanding of substantive social phenomena.

The editors will consider speculative articles that are not mathematical but are sufficiently precise, general, and abstract to stimulate mathematical treatment of problems that have heretofore been dealt with only verbally. Reviews of new or developing areas of mathematics and mathematical modelling which may have significant applications in sociology will also be considered.


Mathematical Sociology is indexed in Sociological Abstracts, USA.
Manuscripts should be typewritten on high quality bond paper with wide3 margins, double spaced throughout. Three copies should be submitted, each copy should include all figures and tables. Every effort will be made to maintain anonymity during the refereeing process. Therefore, the first page of the manuscript should contain the title, the author's name and institutional affiliation. At the bottom of the first page include the name and address of the author with whom the editor should correspond about the manuscript, and to whom proofs are to be sent. The second page should contain the title of the article and an abstract no longer than 150 words in length; the second page should not contain the author's name. Authors should include at the end of the abstract a list of up to six key words to be used for database word searches. The third page should contain the title and the beginning of the text; it too, should not contain the author's name.

The publisher encourages authors to submit accepted manuscripts on computer disks. TEX is the preferred software, but all formats and software are usable. Authors must enclose a printed copy of the manuscript (in triplicate) along with the disk. All disks should be marked with name of the software package that was used and the file name.

In matters of style authors should follow the instructions of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association with the following eceptions: (1) The caution not to use equations is obviously inappropriate in this journal; (2) Do not use the abbreviations S, O, and E for subject, observer, and experimenter; (3) Do not underline symbols for they will normally be set in italics; (4) Please identify  any unusual symbols in the margin at their first occurrence.

Figures submitted should be clear enough for direct reproduction. Redrawing, and author's alterations in excess of 10%, will be charged.

Authors should not submit articles to this journal if they are being considered elsewhere. It is a condition of the acceptance by the editor of a typescript for publication that the publishers acquire automatically the copyright in the typescript throughout the world. Every attempt will be made to render a prompt decision about publication.

Authors will receive page proofs for correction by air mail. Reprints can be ordered when proofs are returned.

Twenty-five reprints per article will be sent to the senior author free of charge. Additional copies may be purchased when returning proofs.

Manuscripts should be sumitted to the editor:

Patrick Doreian
Department of Sociology
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260