Open Positions & News

Open Positions

If you wish to pursue a Ph.D. or M.S. and are interested in one or more of the following areas:

  • ultrasonic NDE for structural, geotechnical and aerospace applications
  • acoustics
  • image processing
  • infrared thermography
  • sustainable materials
  • time - frequency analysis
  • artificial neural networks
  • micro-fabrication for ultrasonic applications
  • wireless sensor technology

please contact me via e-mail or by phone.

If you reside outside the U.S.A. and are interested in conducting short-time (6-12 months) research in the U.S. please contact me as well.


News (2008 - Present)

  • August 2010. Miss Elisabetta Pistone joined Dr. Rizzo’s group. Elisabetta holds a M.S. from PennState University and a Laurea (equivalent to M.S.) from Politecnico di Torino.
  • August 2010. Dr. Rizzo has been named in the 2011 Edition of Who’s Who in America.
  • July 2010. Dr. Rizzo was awarded a 36-months NSF grant to develop a hybrid laser/immersion transducers system suitable for inspecting fresh water mains as well as other underwater structures. The long term goal is to develop a trenchless technology with the design of a prototype that may be used on an underwater vehicle to inspect pipes from the inside without service disruption.
  • June 2010. Dr. Rizzo organized a special session titled “Ultrasonic Guided Wave Propagation for SHM of Engineering Structures” and presented a paper at the 5th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring held in Sorrento, Italy.
  • May 2010. Drs. Bilec, Landis, and Rizzo were awarded a 24-months NSF grant. The goal of the project is to infuse sustainability concepts into three civil engineering courses using experiential learning.
  • March 2010. Mr. Ni, Mr. Zhu, and Dr. Rizzo presented a total of four papers at the SPIE NDE and Structural Health Monitoring Conference held in San Diego, California.
  • October 2009. Ph.D. candidate Mr. Xianglei Ni and Dr. Rizzo were given the 2009 ASNT Fellowship award at the ASNT Fall Conference in Columbus, Ohio.
  • September 2009. Dr. Rizzo presented his researches and his team at three seminars at the University of Bologna, Italy and at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
  • September 2009. Dr. Rizzo presented two papers at the 2009 IEEE IUS International Symposium held in Rome, Italy. The papers focus on a joint research between Dr. Rizzo and researchers at the University of Bologna, Italy.
  • September 2009. Mr. Xianglei Ni, Ph.D. candidate, and presented two papers at the 2009 IWSHM hosted at Stanford University.
  • June 2009. Dr. Rizzo presented a poster at the 2009 NSF-CMMI conference held at Honolulu, Hawai’i. The poster focused on the current active project Dr. Rizzo is carrying in collaboration with Dr. Daraio at the California Institute of Technology.
  • April 2009. Dr. Rizzo presented a paper on sound source localization at the SPIE Defense 2009, held in Orlando Florida.
  • April 2009. Congratulations to Mr. Xianglei Ni for being awarded the 2009 ASNT Fellowship Award. Other recipients of this award in 2009 are graduate students from the Iowa State University, Missouri University of Science and Technology, the Pennsylvania State University, and the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The ASNT Fellowship is a cash award granted to an educational institution to fund specific research in NDT at the postgraduate level (M.S. or Ph.D.).
  • March 2009. Mr. Xianglei Ni, Ph.D. candidate in our group, presented two papers at the SPIE 2009 NDE and Smart Material international conference, held in San Diego, California. Dr. V.G.M. Annamdas, former postdoctoral research associate in our group, presented a paper at the same conference.
  • The September 2008 issue of Materials Evaluation, the journal of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, features the University of Pittsburgh on its cover page as one of the two recipients of the ASNT faculty grant award given to Dr. Rizzo to develop CEE1370/2370 course: “Introduction to Nondestructive Evaluation/Structural Health Monitoring”. The grant is awarded to develop or innovate nondestructive testing/evaluation curriculum in an accredited engineering school among undergraduate students.
  • Dr. Rizzo has been awarded a 36 months NSF grant entitled: “Collaborative Research: Novel NDE/SHM approach based on highly nonlinear dynamics”. The project is part of a collaborative effort between Dr. Rizzo and Dr. Daraio at the California Institute of Technology.
  • Dr. Rizzo has been awarded a 30 months grant from PennDOT entitled “Sensing Technology for Damage Assessment of Sign Supports and Cantilever Poles Structures”.
  • Dr. Rizzo is co-author of two articles appearing in the Encyclopedia of Structural Health Monitoring edited by C. Boller, F-K Chang, and Y. Fujino, Wiley publisher.
  • June 2008. Dr. Rizzo in collaboration with Dr. Daraio, from the California Institute of Technology, won the 1st prize of the Lister Vickery Trophy. Drs. Daraio and Rizzo helped the Solitonik Team for the “INSEAD Comitel 16th Business Venture Competition, INSEAD Business Plan Competition 2008” organized by the INSEAD School of Business in Paris, France.
  • Dr. Rizzo recently presented a paper at the 3rd International Conference “Smart Materials, Structures and Systems”, CIMTEC 2008, held in Acireale, Italy.
  • Dr. Rizzo was invited to give a talk at the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Palermo, Italy.
  • Mar. ‘08. Undergraduate students from CEE 1370 collaborated with students from course ENGR 0715 for the honors freshman engineers in projects for local community organizations (see course website at ) where the use of thermal infrared camera was used.
  • Mar. ‘08. Presented two papers at the SPIE Smart Structures & NDE conference in San Diego, CA.