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Phouthone Keohavong - Publications

Refereed Articles - past 5 years

  1. Liu Y, Gao, W-M., Siegfried JM, Weissfeld JL, Luketich JD, Keohavong P. (2007) Promoter methylation of RASSF1A and DAPK and mutations of K-ras, p53, and EGFR in lung tumors from Smokers and Never-smokers. BMC Cancer, 3; 7: 74. PMID: 17477876

  2. Stabile L, Rothstein ME, Keohavong P, Jin J, Yin J, Land S, Dacic S, Luong TM, Kim KJ, Siegfried JM (2008). Therapeutic targeting of human hepatocyte growth factor with a single neutralizing monoclonal antibody reduces lung tumorigenesis. Mol. Cancer Therapeut. Advanced Publication Online.

  3. Liu Y, Lan G, Shen S, Ren, X., Mumford J, Keohavong P. (2008) Aberrant promoter methylation of multiple genes in sputum from individuals exposed to smoky coal emission. Anticancer Research, 28 (4): 2061-2066.

  4. Shvedova AA, Kisin ER, Murray AR, Johnson VJ, Gorelik O, Arepalli S, Hubbs AF, Mercer RR, Keohavong P, Sussman N, Jin J, Yin J, Stone S, Chen BT, Deye G, Maynard A, Castranova V, Baron PA, Kagan VE. (2008) Inhalation versus aspiration of single walled carbon nanotubes in C57BL/6 mice: inflammation, fibrosis, oxidative stress and mutagenesis. Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell Mol. Physiol., 2008 Oct;295(4):L552-65. Epub 2008 Jul 25. PMID: 18658273

  5. Gao W, Mady HH, Melhem MF, Keohavong P.  Analysis of p53 Mutations in Histologically Normal Lung Tissues and Lung Tumors from Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients.  Mol. Carcinogenesis, 48: 633-641. PMID: 19072763

  6. Gao WM, Romkes M, Zhong S, Smith T, Branch R, Keohavong P. Genetic polymorphisms in the DNA repair genes XPD and XRCC1, p53 gene mutations and bladder cancer risk (2010). Oncol. Rep., 24: 257-262. PMID: 20514470

  7. Stabile LP, Rothstein ME, Keohavong P, Lenzner D, Land SR, Gaither-Davis AL, Kim KJ, Kaminski N, Siegfried JM. Targeting of Both the c-Met and EGFR Pathways Results in Additive Inhibition of Lung Tumorigenesis in Transgenic Mice. Cancers (Basel). 2010 Dec 1;2(4):2153-2170. PMID:21390244

  8. Keohavong P, Kahkonen B, Kinchington E, Yin J, Jin J, Siegfried JM, Di P. (2011) K-ras mutations in lung tumors from NNK-treated mice with lipopolysaccharide-elicited lung inflammation. Anticancer Res. 2011 Sep;31(9):2877-82. PMID:21868532

  9. Stabile, L.P., Rothstein M.E., Lenzner, D., Land, S.R., Dacic, S., Keohavong, P. and Siegfried, S.M. (2012) Prevention of Tobacco Carcinogen-Induced Lung Cancer in Female Mice Using Anti-Estrogens. Carcinogenesis, 33: 2181-2189.

Published Proceedings and Abstracts - Past 5 years

  1. Stabile, L.P., Rothstein, M., Keohavong, P., Kim, K.J., Land, S.R., Lenzner, D. and Siegfried, J. Therapeutic targeting of both the HGF and EGFR pathways results in additive inhibitive of tumorigenesis in HGF transgenic mice. The 100th AACR Annual Meeting, April 18-22, 2009, Volume 50, Denver CO.

  2. Keohavong, P., Kahkonon, B., Kinchington, E., Yin, J., Jin, J., Siegfried, JM., Di, P. Pulmonary inflammation and lung tumorigenesis in mice. Poster presentation at the 101st Annual AACR Meeting in Washington DC, April 18-22, 2010.

  3. Birru R, Kahkonon B, Kingchiton E, Keohavong P, Di Y. Synergistic lung tumorigenesis by cigarette smoke carcinogen and chronic inflammation. Presented at: Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium (TRCCC) 2012 Feb 22 - 24. Seven Springs, U.S.A.