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Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

Phouthone Keohavong - Boards & Committees


Editorial Board for the Balkan Journal of Medical Genetics (1997 - Present)

Advisory Board Member of the International Symposium on Clinical Oncology, in 2003-2004

Scientific Peer Review Panel for the American Institute of Biological Sciences, Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute, Sterling, Virginia, 2002 - Present.

Peer review panel for the Toxicology Fellowship Program of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, January 19-20, 2006.

Peer review panel for the American Institute of Biological Sciences, Childhood Cancer Research, Chantilly VA, July 11 -13, 2006.

The Pennsylvania Breast and Cervical Cancer, January 7, 2013

Qatar National Research Fund, February 25, 2013



Planning and Budgeting Policies Committee (PBPC) (2012 - Present)

Student Advising Committee (1999 2005)
This committee will periodically review the student manual, serve as a liaison between the students and the faculty, i.e. if a student is asked to resign, the committee will form a forum for the student to appeal the decision and make recommendation to the Chair and forward recommendations to the Students Affairs.. The Committee also reviews recent graduates and nominate students for various awards.

Exam-Promotion Committee in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health. (from 1992 to 1995)
The committee review and, if necessary, revises the present policy for the Comprehensive Examinations requirements for the MS and Ph.D. students in the Department.

University-wide and Health Sciences relationships task group (1995-1997)
The goals of this task group is to examine and enhance interactions in the areas of teaching, research and service between EOH and other Department of GSPH, other schools of the Health Sciences and the University.

Diversity Committee in the Graduate School of Public Health (from 1994 to present)
The goal of the committee was to increase the diversity among GSPH Faculty, Staff and Students, as had been recommended by the Council on Education for Public Health re-accreditation. Through careful and thoughtful examination, the committee made collective recommendations to the Dean regarding the efforts that the school needed to undertake to fully address this issue.

Molecular Toxicology Curriculum Subcommittee (from 1995 - present)
This subcommittee has been formed under the suggestion of the Curriculum. Committee to inform about the Ph.D. Program of the Department. The subcommittee globally reviews the course to suit the new direction of the Department.

Public Health Careers Opportunity Program (PHCOP), 1993
Service as research supervisor for a PHCOP student during a research training during the summer of 1993.

Committee member of the Chitaqua Breast Cancer Symposium, Chitaqua Institution, NY, June 7-8