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Daniel M. Hausman

Herbert A. Simon Professor
Department of Philosophy
University of Wisconsin

Background (from his webpage):

Dan Hausman was born in Chicago in 1947 and grew up in the Chicago suburbs. After graduating from Harvard in 1969, where he studied biochemistry and then English history and literature, he taught public school in New York City and received a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from New York University. He then did a second BA in philosophy at Cambridge University before receiving his Ph.D. from Columbia in 1978. His dissertation (later published as Capital, Profits and Prices) addressed questions in philosophy of science raised by economics, and a large portion of his research has focused on economic methodology.  Partly as a result of editing the journal Economics and Philosophy (from 1984-1994, jointly with Michael McPherson), he has also worked on issues concerning ethics and economics and foundational questions concerning the nature of rationality. His interest in economic methodology has also led to a long and continuing research interest concerning the nature of causation. He is currently involved with questions concerning the relations between health, welfare, and preferences and concerning the role of preferences in measuring health and setting policy

See his webpage for more details.

Keynote Lecture: "Social Scientific Naturalism and Experimentation in Economics".