Designing A "Perfect" Academic Paper Sharing System

This web pages is designated for collecting thoughts on what a "perfect" system for sharing academic papers should look like. This page has been set up by Personalized Adaptive Web Systems Group (PAWS)at School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh to be used by its members as a tool to maintain awareness.

Prior Assumtions

We assume that the system is designed for academic environment to be used: a) as a class too, b) research group tool

Wisdom collection activities

Goals of the system

List of desired features

Feature Votes Goal Date
Submitting notes for papers (!)†     2006–02–xx
Let users interact within system (e.g. directly recommend papers) (!)     2007–01–xx
Tag papers with arbitraty keywords (!)     2007–01–xx
See what you/other users read and input for the paper (!)   N, A 2007–03–25
See what group as a whole reads and input for the paper (!)   N, A 2007–03–25
"Reading blog" view at personal/group/topic level (!)   N, A 2007–03–25
Topic view on readings   N 2007–03–25
Intersect topic and user/group view (what do I/group have for this topic)   N 2007–03–25
Quality control rating (!)   Q 2007–03–30
Relevance to topic rating (!)     2007–03–30
Possibility of private access to personal/group contributions (!)     2007–04–27
"Watch" the activity of the group/user/topic/journal/conference   A 2007–05–05
Use Google RTE API for editing notes     2007–05–05
Navigate Journals/Conferences as well   N 2007–05–05
Storing personal PDF or other files with the paper     2007–05–17
Having abstracts of the papers available     2007–05–17
Distinguish keywords/tags from topic/category     2007–05–17
Have an accessment mechanism for paper[-topic] (e.g. innovativeness, technical proficiency, statistical proficiency, qualoty of language, difficulty)   Q 2007–05–17
Search for papers   N 2007–05–17
"The mosts" (most read, tagged, summarized, rated papers, etc.)   Q 2007–05–18
Visualize changes: "what has been added to the paper since I last viewed/logged in", "what has been added to the group"   A 2007–05–18
Have a mechanizm to award quality input, a system of points awarded for various activities (good summaries, good ratings, appropriate tags, number of watchers for personal/group library)   A 2007–05–18
Reflection to personal/group work (e.g. who reads/rates my/group's posts and how)   A 2007–05–21

† - (!) features suggested by several people