Math 230 (Calculus II)
Spring 2011

Instructor: Reza Pakzad Email: pakzad At-Sign pitt Dot edu

Lectures: MWF 11:00AM-11:50AM at PUBHL A115

For Guidelines, Schedule and Practice Problems check CourseSyllabi . Check the PITT calculus website for more material and information about the course.

Grading: Lab (10%), Homework (10%), Class midterms (50%), final (30%).

Important notice: According to the department policy your final grade should not exceed your final exam grade by more than one letter grade. Be aware that a grade of C or better in Calculus II is a prerequisite for Calculus III.

Textbook: James Stewart, Essential Calculus, Early Transcendentals.

The online references for the following topics
Linear Differential Equations
Second Order Linear Differential Equations
Nonhomogeneous Linear Equations
Applications of Second Order Differential Equations
can be found at .

More useful material is available here .

Homework: Weakly assignments will appear here. Homeworks are due during your recitation/lab.

Office hours: MWF 2:00PM-3:00PM, or by appointment, held at Thackeray Hall 610.

Exam notes: No formula sheets or graphic calculators are allowed during midterms or the final exam. There will be no make up tests. If you miss an hour exam for a *documented* medical reason, your grade on it will be the prorated grade of your final exam.

Midterm exams: The dates are: Wednesday Feb. 16 , 2011; Wednesday Mar. 30 , 2011; during class.

Final Exam: The time, date and place of the final departemantal exam can be obtained from the PeopleSoft student center.

Class lecture notes: They are accessible online through Courseweb.