Math 220 (Calculus I).
Spring 2013

Instructor: Reza Pakzad Email: pakzad At-Sign pitt Dot edu

Lectures: MWF 11:00AM-11:50AM at CHVRON A154

Office hours: MWF 1:00PM-2:00PM, or by appointment , held at Thackeray Hall 610.

Announcements: Occasional announcements will be made through email. It is the student's responsibility to make sure he/she is receiving all the emails sent to his/her university account.

Outline: For Guidelines, Schedule, Syllabi, Textbook, Policies and Practice Problems, please follow the link to the PITT calculus website.

Important notice: According to the department policy your final grade should not exceed your final exam grade by more than one letter grade. Be aware that a grade of C or better in Calculus I is a prerequisite for Calculus II.

Pre-Calculus Review Material
Review of Algebra from the textbook.
Review of Analytic Geometry from the textbook.
Trigonometric identities.
Other textbook resources available online.

Exam notes: No formula sheets or graphic calculators are allowed during midterms or the final exam. There will be no make up tests. If you miss an hour exam for a *documented* medical reason, your grade on it will be the prorated grade of your final exam.

Midterm exams: The dates are: Wednesday Feb. 13 , 2013; Friday Mar. 29 , 2013; during class.

Final Exam: The time, date and place of the final departemantal exam will be announced later and can also be obtained from the PeopleSoft student center in due time.

Class lecture notes: They will be accessible online through Courseweb or another suitable medium which will be announced in class.