List of Grants

1. NSF Grant DMS-1813738,
Title: Elastic rigidity and flexibility between differential geometry and analysis,
July 2018-June 2021, Total Amount: US$ 172,130.

2. NSF Grant DMS-1210258,
Title: Calculus of variations on pre-strained elastic structures,
August 2012-August 2016, Total Amount: US$ 138,533.

3. NSF Grant DMS-0907844,
Title: Calculus of variations on rigid elastic structures,
August 2009-July 2012, Total Amount: US$ 126,828.

4. NSF Grant DMS-1400941,
Title: Workshop on "Advances in Nonlinear Analysis'',
March 2014-March 2015, Total Amount: US$ 24,500. Co-PI: Marta Lewicka.

5. The University of Pittsburgh CRDF research award 9003034,
Title: Derivation of shell theories from the 3d nonlinear elasticity,
July 2008-June 2010, Total Amount: US$ 14,000.