Oyler Consulting Services is providing the services of Dr. John F. Oyler as a
consultant in Structural/Mechanical and Pyro Process Engineering after 38
years of engineering design and management experience  in three divisions of
Dravo Corporation. He was one of the founders of Daxus Corporation, an
 independent firm spun off from Dravo.  He has a strong  Engineering and Solid
 Mechanics background and interest, and is a Registered Professional Engineer
 in five states.  He has had responsibility for all the engineering activities
 of the 750-member staff of Dravo Engineers.  He served as the Project
 Engineering Manager for the Timken Company's $450-million greenfield
 integrated steelmaking facility in Canton, Ohio. He has been active
 nationally in ASCE and ASME, and serves as an Adjunct Professor at the
 University of Pittsburgh, teaching Strength of Materials, Materials of
 Construction, and Senior Design Projects.
 Oyler Consulting Services
 (November, 1991 to present)
 Oyler Consulting Services is an independent sole proprietorship providing Dr.
 Oyler's services as a consultant in Structural/Mechanical Engineering,
 Machine Design,  and Pyro Process Technology. Major engagements since its
 inception include proposal design for the feed preparation section of a
 direct reduced iron plant in Southeast Asia and for one in Ohio, proposal and
 contract design of the feed preparation section for a steel mill waste
 reclamation plant in Arkansas, participation in a Value Management study of a
 nickel smelting plant in South America, analysis of operating problems for an
 iron ore pelletizing plant in Bahrain, troubleshooting and diagnosis of
operating problems with a large pneumatic system supplying pulverized coal
for injection into blast furnaces, development of design criteria and design
review of the structural components of a large sprung arch process furnace,
design of the structural components of a continuous ladder barge unloader
for a facility along the Houston Ship Channel, and an expert witness
engagement in an arbitration dispute regarding the unloading capability of a
large ship unloader in Hawaii.

Daxus Corporation (formerly Dravo Automation Sciences, Inc.)
(1988 - to October, 1991)
Daxus Corporation is an independent firm which was acquired, from Dravo
Corporation, by  its management team. As part of this team Dr. Oyler
participated in the development of a 150 person company  providing system
 integration services to the batch process and discrete parts manufacturing
 industries. He served as Vice President, Engineering; Vice President,
 Projects, and Vice President, Special Projects. In addition to these
 assignments he managed Daxus' largest project, the Flexible Repair Center at
 Tinker Air Force Base, a $20 million project to provide the capability of
 inspecting and repairing jet engine cases in a lightly attended, automated

 Dravo Corporation, Engineering and Construction Division
 Dr. Oyler served in a number of engineering management positions with Dravo's
 E & C Division at the peak of its activity. Included was the assignment as
  Manager of  Engineering following the merger of Dravo's ChemPlants and
 Minerals and Metals Divisions. At that time he had responsibility for all the
 engineering activities of the Basic, Planning, and Detail Engineering
 Department. The total installed value of the projects engineered averaged
 $250 million per year. These projects included iron ore sintering and
 pelletizing plants, coke batteries and machinery, electric furnace
 steelmaking plants, and coal preparation plants. Pyro processing projects
 included an iron ore sinter plant for Bethlehem steel at Sparrows Point,
 Maryland; iron ore pelletizing plants for Inland in Minnesota, Hibbing
 Taconite in Minnesota, Sidbec in Quebec, and SAMARCO in Brazil; the FORMCOKE
project at Sparrows Point, Maryland; coke batteries in Indianapolis, Indiana,
and Middletown, Ohio; and electric furnace shops for J & L in Pittsburgh and
Timken in Canton, Ohio.

Dravo Corporation, Engineering Works Division
Dr. Oyler  held a series of engineering assignments with Dravo's Engineering
Works Division, ranging from Engineering Trainee to Chief Engineer. In the
latter assignment he had  complete responsibility for a department of 75
structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, designers, and drafters
responsible for a variety of contracts involving traveling grate machines for
iron ore sintering and pelletizing plants,  stacker/reclaimers, clamshell
grab bucket unloaders, continuous bucket unloaders,  lock and dam gates and
hoists, electroslag remelting equipment, etc.  The total installed value of
this equipment averaged $12 million per year. Prior to his supervisory
assignments, he functioned as the Principal Engineer responsible for the
development/design of the traveling grate machines which served as the basis
for Dravo's major involvement in the engineering/ construction of iron ore
sintering and pelletizing plants in North and South America, Africa, and

Dr. Oyler served as an Adjunct Professor in the Civil Engineering Department,
University of Pittsburgh,  in 1983-1984, teaching "Strength of Materials" and
in 1993-1997 teaching "Materials of Construction", "Advanced Topics in Civil
Engineering Materials", and "Senior Design Projects".

Dr. Oyler earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering in 1972 from Carnegie Mellon
University; his M.S. in Civil Engineering in 1961 from Carnegie Mellon
University; and his B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1953 from the Pennsylvania
State University. His Ph. D. dissertation was entitled "The Dynamics and
Stability of Thin Shells of Revolution Constructed of Layered Anisotropic
Materials". It was an early application of finite element technology in the
shell stability environment.

Dr. Oyler is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi,
Pi Kappa Phi, and Sigma Xi honorary societies.

Dr. Oyler is registered as a Civil Engineer in Pennsylvania , Louisiana, Idaho, Missouri, and Washington; and as a Mechanical Engineer in California.

 Dr. Oyler has been active nationally  in the  American Society of Civil Engineers (President, Board of Directors, Pittsburgh Section, 1987, and Member (National) Subcommittee on Fatigue); the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Chairman, Board of Directors, Material Handling Engineering Division, 1982);  the American Welding Society (Subcommittee of Welded Girders), 1970; and Engineers Council of Professional Development (Accreditation Team), 1973.

Dr. Oyler received the American Institute of Steel Construction - Design in Steel Award in 1971, the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation  Award in 1972, and the American Society of Civil Engineers (Pittsburgh Section) - Civil Engineer of the Year  Award in 1982.

Dr. Oyler holds three machine design patents for process equipment - "Spillage Chute for Traveling Grate Machine " (U.S. No. 3358981),  "Circular Traveling Grate for Process Requiring Discrete Zones " (U.S. No. 4408987) and "Circular Solvent Extractor" (U.S. Patent 4683029).

Dr. Oyler is the author/presenter of thirty technical papers on subjects dealing in Solid Mechanics, Bulk Materials Handling, Process Plant Engineering and Construction, and Flexible Manufacturing; and served as an Editor and contributor  to  the ASME "Materials Handling Handbook" in 1984
Included are:
Oyler, J. F., "Vibration and Buckling of Anisotropic Shallow Shells," Eighty-third Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Buffalo, New York, 1972.
Dasynich, T. S., and Oyler, J. F., "Material Handling in Modern Ore Pelletizing Plants," SME Paper 76-B-325.
Lohmeyer, H. F., and Oyler, J. F., "The Use of High-Alumina Refractories in A Combustion Chamber," presented at the 1978 AIME Annual Meeting,     Denver, Colorado.
Oyler, J. F., "The Handling of Unfired Iron Ore Pellets," Unit and Bulk Materials Handling, ASME Proceedings, August, 1980.
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