NSF FastLane Password

To use any of the FastLane PI/Co-PI functions listed below, the NSF researcher needs a FastLane Password.

  1. Proposal Preparation,

  2. Proposal Status Inquiry,

  3. Project Reports Preparation and Submission,

  4. Notifications Preparation (e.g., Grantee Approved No-Cost Extensions, Anticipated Residual Funds in excess of $5,000 or 5%, etc.),

  5. Requests Preparation (e.g., NSF Approved No-Cost Extensions, Changes in Objective or Scope, etc.),
  6. and

  7. Continuation Funding Status Inquiry

To obtain a valid FastLane Password, members of the University of Pittsburgh community should complete and submit the University of Pittsburgh NSF FastLane Password Request Form. An Office of Research staff member will initiate your Password,and will send you that Password by e-mail. The Office of Research is aiming for a twenty-four hour turn-around-time during the work week.

Once you have your Password you can go to the FastLane Server [https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/jsp/homepage/proposals.jsp] and use any of the PI/Co-PI FastLane functions. Please note that the first time you log on, you MUST CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD.

A researcher uses the same Password to access all FastLane features. In addition to his/her valid FastLane Password, the researcher needs the NSF proposal number for his/her proposal to query Proposal Status. In addition to the Password, he/she needs the NSF Award Number to query Continuation Funding Status, to prepare and submit a Final Project Report, and to prepare a Notification or Request. For Proposal Preparation, the PI needs to enter not only his/her Password but also his Social Security Number.

If you would like to try out some of the FastLane features including those mentioned above and do not have a valid Password or are not an NSF researcher, you can do so on the FastLane Test Server [https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/jsp/homepage/demo_site.html/].

If you have any questions about the FastLane project, send e-mail to [ornsf@offres.pitt.edu] or call Jan Schaffner at 624-7417.

June 16, 1999, rev. October 8, 2001