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Subject: Developmental Research Program in Lung Cancer-Pre-proposal Deadline: November 11, 2011

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To:      UPCI Faculty


From:  Jill M. Siegfried, PhD


Date:   October 7, 2011





Sponsored by:

The Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in Lung Cancer

University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)


The Lung Cancer SPORE of the UPCI announces a program to encourage developmental research in lung cancer. The Developmental Research Program consists of available funding, blood, tissue and cell resources, and a group of SPORE investigators to provide guidance and collaboration in the development of projects. The Core Laboratories of the Lung Cancer SPORE Program (Tissue & Blood Bank, Clinical Core, and Biostatistics/Bioinformatics) are available to investigators funded through the Developmental Research Program. These SPORE resources now also include an expanded repository of blood specimens from high·risk subjects recruited in our ongoing project in early detection of lung cancer by CT·screening, and newly developed lung tissue microarrays. The support of pilot projects is available on a competitive basis to all faculty members of UPCI. 


Application Process: The application process involves an initial submission of a two-page description of the research project, including the title of the proposed project, names of investigators and their affiliations, overall goal of project, specific aims, translational significance, brief description of methods to be used, total amounts of funds requested, and requested duration of funding. The deadline for receipt of these pre-proposals is Nov. 11, 2011.  The NIH biographical sketch (format dated 06-09 with personal statement) should also be included for the Principal Investigator. The Lung Cancer SPORE Developmental Research Program Standing Committee reviews these initial applications and will invite those of highest merit and priority to submit a full application. Applicants will be informed by December 9, 2011 of the Standing Committee's decision. Full applications will be due January 6, 2012. The full application will consist of a cover page, a five page maximum length description of the project, a budget page (NIH Form Page 2) and budget justification, a paragraph describing the translational potential of the project, and a NIH biographical sketch and other support information for all investigators.  The full application will be reviewed by the Developmental Research Program Standing Committee. Detailed instructions and the cover page form will be sent to each invited applicant by December 9, 2011.  Recipients may be awarded funds up to a total of $35,000 per year to be applied over a one or two year grant period ($70,000 maximum). Since funds are limited, all expenditures must be carefully justified. Approved applications will be funded beginning in February of 2012.  Applicants for multi­year awards must show progress and participate in SPORE Program activities to obtain funds for the second year. At the end of each year of the Lung SPORE grant new account numbers will be assigned, therefore carryover of funds should not be assumed. Award recipients should utilize funds in a timely manner.


Funding Priority and Participation in the SPORE Program. The UPCI Lung Cancer SPORE is especially interested in funding translational research in chemoprevention, lung stem cell biology, targeted therapy, biomarkers of lung cancer, and studies relating to COPD and lung cancer. Priority for funding will be given to these areas of research. Successful applicants will be expected to participate in the Lung Cancer SPORE Investigators' monthly meetings and to present the progress of their projects to this group during the course of the grant. Selected recipients will also be invited to attend the annual SPORE Investigators' workshop sponsored by the NCI. Applicants wishing more specific information about the SPORE projects and cores, including availability of lung tissues and blood specimens already collected by the Tissue & Blood Bank, should contact Dr. Siegfried at the address below.  Information on the projects and cores of the SPORE in Lung Cancer is available at


Subsequent Extramural Support. It is anticipated that these pilot projects should result in the collection of sufficient preliminary data to obtain extramural support for the project, either through the SPORE mechanism or through individual grants. The Lung Cancer SPORE is also interested in promoting multi-disciplinary grant submissions, such as P01's, among its members.

Submission of Proposals.
Proposals should be sent to M. Linda Gangewere, Lung SPORE Administrator, Hillman Cancer Center, Research Pavilion 2.18 (; telephone: 412-623-7770).  Please see the application Cover Page for full instruction.


Questions Regarding the Program. Scientific questions can be addressed to Jill M. Siegfried, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, UPCI SPORE in Lung Cancer, Suite 2.18, Research Pavilion, Hillman Cancer Center (, telephone: 412-623-7769 .