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University of Pittsburgh Form 0136

The Form 0136 (Sponsored Programs Proposal Submission Form) is now available as a web-based form. The web-based Form 0136 was developed in an effort to improve data handling, especially for compliance purposes, and to facilitate the existing transmittal process.

In accordance with University procedure, the Office of Research is still requiring that a printed 3-part Form 0136 accompany all proposals.

Beginning July 1, 2003, all research proposals submitted to the Office of Research must be accompanied by the associated web-based Form 0136. (See Provost's Office Memo on Web-Based Form 0136 Requirement -- a PDF file.)

Follow the guidelines below to successfully produce a printed version of the web-based Form 0136:

  • Use Internet Explorer (and NOT Netscape) to complete and print the web-based University of Pittsburgh Form 0136.
  • Login to the web-based Form 0136 website using your University Computer Account username and password. You do not have to login to use the web-based Form 0136 but if you do log in, you can save the Form 0136 and come back at a later time to work on it or reprint it. (If you do not have a University Computer Account and want to have the option of saving your form, see the directions on the Form 0136 web page.)

  • The printing of the "official" Form 0136 (the form to be submitted) cannot be done as the web-based form is filled out. After you complete filling out the form, you should click on the "Finish" button which takes you back to the main page. You then must select "Print a Completed Form" on the main page and choose the Form 0136 you wish to print for the form to print correctly. Please note that when you have a page of the Form 0136 open to print, you can save that page to a file on your computer or a network drive by going to the Adobe Acrobat menu bar and selecting the little disk icon. The disk icon saves a copy of the file.

  • Print the Form 0136 on three-part, three-colored (white, canary, and pink) carbonless, laser printer paper. This paper is available from various distributors. The Office of Research cannot accept photocopies of Form 0136, and must have the form printed on paper labeled carbonless because information which will be handwritten on the top sheet must be automatically transferred to the other two sheets. Please be sure to put the three-part carbonless paper through your printer correctly so that handwritten information will be transferred from the top printed sheet to the next two printed sheets.

To access the web-based Form 0136, go to the following website:


If you have any questions about the web-based version of Form 0136, contact Mike Ranieri via e-mail at mtr17@pitt.edu. If you have any questions about the information to be included on Form 0136, contact your department administrator or your Grants and Contracts Officer in the Office of Research. Check the Constituency List to identify your Grants and Contracts Officer.


5/31/03, Revised 01/16/07



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