Research Administration Training Presentations Available for Loan/Download

The Office of Research sponsors various seminars, teleconferences, video workshops and web/audio workshops for professional development in the field of research administration. Listed below are the links to the presentations or a listing of the tapes and/or DVDs available for loan.

University of Pittsburgh Office of Research Presentations in
Human Resources's Faculty and Staff Development Program

Introduction to Research Administration

National Council of University Research Administrators - Presentations

    Event Date Teleconference/Video Workshop Media
    9/19/12 Export Controls and Other Security Concerns Coming
    5/22/12 Technology Transfer Issues for the Research Administrator DVD
    3/13/12 It Takes a Village to Manage Awards: Post-Award Issues for Pre-Award Research Administrators & Departmental Administrators DVD
    11/08/11 International Collaborations: Negotiations and Compliance DVD
    09/20/11 Fiscal Aspects of Human Subjects Compliance DVD
    06/14/11 Managing Interactions and Potential Conflict of Interests with University Spin-Offs and Other Small Businesses DVD
    03/22/11 ABC's of The Federal Cost Principles DVD
    09/21/10 Negotiating Federal Contracts and Pass-Through Awards DVD
    06/15/10 Non-Financial Research Compliance DVD
    03/23/10 Critical Issues for the Department Administrator DVD
    01/26/10 Managing Financial Requirements of Awards DVD
    09/15/09 Subrecipient Monitoring: Assessing Risk DVD
    06/09/09 F&A Rates for the Non-Accountant DVD
    3/10/09 Cost Sharing: Why No Good Deed Goes Unpunished DVD
    01/13/09 Audits and the Audit Process DVD
    09/09/08 Good Customer Service for Research Administrators: How to Support the Research Endeavor at your Institution DVD/VHS Tape
    06/10/08 Complex Agreements DVD/VHS Tape
    03/11/08 Effective Proposal Development DVD/VHS Tape
    01/22/08 Managing Cost Issues DVD/VHS Tape
    09/11/07 Sub-awards: A Survivor's Guide of Key Concepts and Principles DVD/VHS Tape
    06/12/07 Conflict of Interest: How to Spot and Manage It DVD/VHS Tape
    03/06/07 Effort Reporting DVD/VHS Tape
    01/23/07 Sponsored Projects Essentials DVD/VHS Tape
    09/12/06 Technology Transfer for the Research Administrator DVD/VHS Tape
    06/13/06 National Securities Issues Video Workshop DVD/VHS Tape
    03/07/06 Working Towards a Commons Vision DVD/VHS Tape
    01/24/06 Post-Award Issues for the Pre-Award and Departmental Administrator DVD/VHS Tape

Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Research Integrity
- Presentations

National Institutes of Health - Presentations


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