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Affiliated Sites:

We believe these sites to be reputable resources for mental health information and support. If you know of other sites you believe should be represented here drop us a line and we will check it out. Since we do not control the content of these sites and do not thoroughly review them we cannot warranty any information found at them.

NAMI -The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

NARSAD -National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression

NDMDA -National Depressive & Manic-Depressive Association

The Mental Health area at The Mining Company -A wonderfully diverse resource site.

The Doctor's guide to Schizophrenia -Information and resources for schizophrenia. There are also other forums at the doctor's guide which cover many other illnesses. -A non-profit group, despite the name.

The Health Center -Another general resource site, with areas devoted to many illnesses.

In The Grip of Paranoid Schizophrenia: One Man's Metamorphosis through Psychosis, by Larry Podsobinski -An insightful autobiographical account of 35 years living with paranoid schizophrenia.