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Joette Zarotney graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and has worked for UPMC for over 20 years.  She has been working as a clinical interviewer in the Program for Genetics and Psychoses for the past two years where she guides families through the fMRI sessions.  She has worked in the field of geriatrics for several years, worked in the Biological Rhythms Laboratory, and as a project coordinator of Age Wise Bereavement studies where she was responsible for all of the day-to-day running of the project.  She currently is responsible for recruiting subjects for the study and explaining the project to them.  She has also made presentations at health fairs and senior communities  to assist in subject recruitment.  She is involved with the subjectís entire experience of the study, from initial recruitment through signed informed consent.  This allows her to develop a very close relationship with the subject which results in greater subject compliance and ensures that all questionnaire materials are given to the subject and are properly completed.



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