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An Overview of Our Research…

Our group at the University of Pittsburgh is seeking persons suffering from schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder who are willing to take part in a research study. We have a number of NIMH funded studies focusing on discovering genetic and environmental factors predisposing individuals to schizophrenia and related illnesses, with the ultimate goal of developing better treatments or preventative measures.

To allow us to achieve these goals, we are seeking participants who have been diagnosed with one of these disorders as well as their family members.  All subjects will be asked to contribute a blood sample and 2-3 hours for a clinical interview.  Some subjects may also be asked to participate in about 2 hours of computerized cognitive tests, depending on the specific study they are enrolled into. 

These studies are an international effort, and though the U.S. group is based in Pittsburgh, Pa, we have recruiters and interviewers based in the field that can meet with families throughout the U.S.  All participants will be paid in appreciation for their time and contributions.

For more information about each individual study, please call our toll free lines or click on the Participate link on this web page.

Toll Free Study Hotlines: 
Schizophrenia Research: 1-877-363-5895                 Fax: 412-246-6350

Bipolar Disorder Research: 1-800-994-8182
Fax: 412-246-6180