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UPITT Warrior Human Performance Research
Neuromuscular Research Laboratory
Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences




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2009 Abstracts / Presentations:

Sell TC, Benjaminse A, Nagai T, House, AJ, Nakagawa T, Abt JP, Lephart SM, Fu FH. Restoration of Proprioception with Double Bundle Anatomic ACL Reconstruction in the Sagittal and Transverse Planes: A Control Group Comparison. 2009 AANA 28th Annual Meeting, Apr 30-May 3, San Diego, CA

Lovalekar MT, Abt JP, Sell TC, Lephart SM, Keenan K, House AJ, Zimmer AC, Hovey GD. Assessing the validity of self-reported injury history among U.S. military personnel. APHA Annual Meeting; November 7-11, 2009; Philadephia PA

Abt JP, Sell TC, Nagai T, House AJ, Rowe R, McGrail M, Lephart SM. Field and laboratory testing variance and application to daily physical training. 2009 NATA Annual Meeting; June 17-20, 2009; San Antonio TX (pdf 16KB)

Chu Y, Sell T, Abt J, Huang G, Nagai T, Deluzio J, McGrail M, Rowe R, Lephart S. Knee biomechanics in Air Assault soldiers performing two-legged drop landings with and without visual input. 2009 ACSM Annual Meeting; May 27-30, 2009; Seattle WA (pdf 13KB)

Abt JP, Sell TC, Nagai T, Deluzio JB, Keenan K, Rowe R, McGrail MA, Cardin S, Lephart SM. Relationship between the Army Physical Fitness Test and laboratory-based physiological and musculoskeletal assessments. 2009 ACSM Annual Meeting; May 27-30, 2009; Seattle WA (pdf 26KB)

Crawford K, Abt J, Sell T, Nagai T, Deluzio J, Rowe R, McGrail M, Lephart S. Lower body fat improves physical and physiological performance in Army soldiers. 2009 ACSM Annual Meeting; May 27-30, 2009; Seattle WA (pdf 54KB)