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Neuromuscular Research Laboratory
Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Performance Testing


The goal of the performance testing is to provide cyclists and runners, with physiological data that will enhance performance. The culmination of testing results will provide the athlete with detailed information related to maximal oxygen consumption, lactate threshold, power output, and body composition. Continued monitoring of physiological data provides the athlete with a basis for modifying existing training to meet current demands by tapering or addressing identified deficits.

Aerobic Performance Tests:

Measured with a metabolic cart that is designed to capture the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. An incremental wattage protocol for cyclists or incremental incline protocol for runners of three minute stages is used. Cyclists utilize their own bike attached to a Computrainer stationary trainer. Measurements of blood lactate are obtained at the end of each stage to determine lactate threshold for heart rate and power output.

• Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2max)
• Lactate Threshold

Anaerobic Performance Tests:

Measured using a maximal effort sprint test on a cycle ergometer (Velotron) using a 30 second Wingate protocol.

• Peak Anaerobic Power
• Anaerobic Capacity

Body Composition Tests:

Calculated utilizing an air displacement method (BodPod). Testing can be modified based on sport or choice of testing.

• Percent Body Fat


Interested athletes should contact Katelyn Allison ( or 412-246-0460) for costs and scheduling.

Preferred testing facility of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Panthers.