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Neuromuscular Research Laboratory
Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

NMRL Research


Current Research Projects

UPitt Warrior Human Performance Research

By applying an athletic model to military personnel, the NMRL seeks to reduce the occurence of musculoskeletal injuries while improving performance and tactical readiness of the US armed forces. (more)


The goals of the NMRL's golf research is the recognition and prevention of golf-related injuries in players of all levels and abilities, as well as improving performance through proper training. (more)

Female ACL Injury Prevention

The NMRL seeks to examine the risk factors surrounding the alarming rate of ACL injuries in female athletes and design training strategies to reduce these injuries. (more)


Through examining competitive cyclists, the NMRL investigates methods to prevent injuries while improving performance relative to core strength and pedaling efficiency. (more)

Shoulder in Overhead Athletes

The NMRL is looking to identify functional characteristics associated with various shoulder pathologies in overhead throwing athletes and apply them to an injury prevention and performance enhancement model. (more)