Math 0413, Fall 2012

Location:  Cathedral of Learning 236 (Lecture) and Thackeray 627 (Recitation)

Time:  MWF 1:00pm-1:50pm (Lecture) and TR 1:00-1:50pm (Recitation)

Office Hours:  12:00pm-1:00pm

Text:  Basic Analysis by Jiri Lebl with University of Pittsburgh supplements

Recitation Leader:  Alexey Solovyev

Course Syllabus

Homework Assignments:

Homework assignments are due on Thursdays and should be handed in during recitation. You many work with other students and use library resources, but each student must write up his or her solutions independently. Copying solutions from other students will be considered cheating, and will be handled accordingly. I do not accept late homework.

  1. Homework 1:  Answers

  2. Homework 2:  Answers

  3. Homework 3:  Answers

  4. Homework 4:  Answers

  5. Homework 5Answers

  6. Homework 6Answers

  7. Homework 7Answers

  8. Homework 8Answers

  9. Homework 9Answers

  10. Homework 10Answers

  11. Homework 11Answers


There will be one quiz per week which will be given in recitation on Tuesdays.

  1. Quiz 1 Answers

  2. Quiz 2 Answers

  3. Quiz 3 Answers

  4. Quiz 4 Answers

  5. Quiz 5 Answers

  6. Quiz 6 Answers

  7. Quiz 7 Answers

  8. Quiz 8 Answers

  9. Quiz 9 Answers

  10. Quiz 10 Answers

  11. Quiz 11 Answers


Midterm Answers

Practice problems and Answers

Final practice problems and Answers

Final Answers

Term Paper:

A term paper, written in the style of an expository article, on a mathematical topic of your choice will be due at the end of the semester.  I will provide a list of suggested topics, but you are not limited to that list.  Your paper should be interesting and comprehensible to an educated reader who is not familiar with your topic.  It must also include some technical details and proofs.  All sources must be cited in the term paper.  Papers that include passages copied verbatim from outside sources without appropriate documentation will automatically receive a zero.

The term paper must be typeset using LaTeX, a mathematical typesetting system.  There are several ways to obtain the LaTeX package depending on the operation system you are using.  I recommend the following packages:

  1. Mac OS X (v. 10.5-10.8):  MacTex

  2. Windows:  proTeXt

If you use Linux, then the system distribution or vendor has probably provided a TeX system including LaTeX. 

The timetable and the grading policy for the term paper is as follows:

  1. September 17, Submit a short document you have typeset with LaTeX (5 points).  You should email me the source file.

  2. September 24, Submit a topic

  3. October 10, Submit an abstract (in LaTeX) of your paper (5 points)

  4. November 2, Submit first draft (in LaTeX) (10 points)

  5. November 21, Finished paper due (80 points)

Grading Policy:

Midterm exam: 20%

Final exam:       20%

Homework:       25%

Quizzes:            20%

Term Paper:      15%