Dan Mask


Bundu/Sande Headress





Chi-Wara (Antelope) Mask




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The Window Wall Frieze

The frieze above the windows salutes African arts. African visual artistry finds one of its richest expressions in masks, some of which adorn this frieze.


CHI-WARA: The antelope mask of the Bambara or Bamana people of Mali, is worn by dancers to symbolize fertility and a bountiful harvest.


BUNDU:  The Bundu mask of Sierra Leone's Mende people symbolizes youthful grace, tempered by seriousness.


KAO GLE:  The Kao Gle mask of the Dan, with its distorted features, represents chaos and disorder.


MBULU-NGULU.  The Mbulu-Ngulu mask represents ancestral spirits for the Kota population of Gabon.


HORNED MASK.  The Horned mask of the Senufo of the Ivory Coast, depicts strength and energy.


LION MASK.  The Lion mask, originated by the Bambara or Bamana of Mali, portrays calmness in the face of provocation


GAA-WREE-WRE.  The Gaa-Wree-Wre mask represents beauty and justice for Liberia's Dan people


HELMET MASK.  The Helmet mask is used by the Tiriki people of Kenya ceremonies initiating young males into manhood