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Race and Diversity in the Global Context




Millersville University

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

July 12-14, 2007





Thursday, July 12

Registration & Book Display: 12:00-5:00 p.m.

Session 1: 1:00-2:30 p.m.

1A.  Rawls and the Scope of Justice

Chair:   Brian Thomas

Paul Voice, Bennington College, “Unjust Noise”

Mark Navin, University of Pennsylvania, “Why ‘Globalizing’ Distributive Justice is not a Rawlsian Project”

1B. Racial and Ethnic Identities

Chair: Dan Haggerty

Shay Welch, Binghamton University, “Native Americans and Inclusive Membership

Michael Barkasi, Kutztown University, “Thoughts on Gracian Ethnicity:  A Light to a Racist World?”

1C. Tradition, Conflict, and Reconciliation

Chair: Bongrae Seok

Andrew Volmert, Yale University, “Gadamer On The Authority Of Tradition

Margaret Gilleo, Fontbonne University, “Unity in Diversity: The Power of Music”

1D.  Pedagogies for Teaching about Injustice

Chair: Deen Chatterjee

Gail Presbey, University of Detroit Mercy, “Teaching about Racism and Sexism in Introduction to Philosophy Classes”

Janet Slagter, CSU Fresno, “Sneaking Up on Neo-Liberalism: Teaching Social Transformation through Dislocation”

Session 2: 2:45-4:15 p.m.

2A. Biological Classification, Rationality, Domination, and Agency

Chair:  Joan Woolfrey

Crista Lebens, University of Wisconsin Whitewater, “Aristotelian Concepts of Class, Gender, “Race” and Rationality, as Precursors to Modern Colonialism: Reading Lugones into Aristotle”

Wendy Lynne Lee, Bloomsburg University, “Hetero-Anthropomorphizing/Human-Centeredness/Homo-Dissonance: Anthropocentrism Reclaimed as a Form of Critique”

2B. Critique of Color Blindness

Chair: Jennifer Faust

Arnold Farr, St. Joseph’s University, “Diversity, Color Blindness, and Other Contradictory Hegemonic Discourses”

Ronald Sundstrom, University of San Francisco, “Color-Blindness and the Browning of America

2C. Justice and the Standpoint of the Oppressed

Chair:  Robert Murray

Anne Grenchus, Villanova University, “Political Subjectivity, Totalitarianism and Entitlement”

Iclal Ayse Kucukkirca, SUNY Binghamton, “Temporary Homes”

2D.  Politics of Difference, Recognition, and Shame

Chair: Shay Welch

Johann Klaassen and Mari-Gretta G. Klaassen, “Humiliation and Discrimination: The Role of Shame in the Politics of Difference among the Sneetches of Dr Seuss”

Jason Mallory, Estrella Mountain College “Former Prisoners and the Politics of Difference”


Session 3: 4:30-6:00 p.m.

3A.  Freedom, Reason, and Politics

Chair: Storm Heter

Maria Kowalski, Columbia University, “Free Will and Political Freedom”

Anna Moltchanova, Carleton College, “Group Membership and Morally Risky Epistemic Conditions”

3B.  Racial Identities, Psychology, and Guilt

Chair: Arnold Farr

Dan Haggerty, University of Scranton, “White Shame”

Lydia Moland, Babson College, “Bodily Betrayals: Race and Practical Identity in Philip Roth’s The Human Stain

3C. Globalization, Justice and the Perspective of the Oppressed

Chair: Sarah Clark Miller

David Gandolfo, Furman University, “An Ethical Evaluation of Globalization? Only from the Perspectives of the Poor and Oppressed”

Brian Thomas, University of British Columbia, “Putting Capabilities to the test: Considering Elizabeth Anderson’s conception of Equality”

3D. Ethics of Punishment

Chair:  Jeffrey Paris

David Wood, University of Melbourne, “Punishment: Retributive and Communication Theories”

Jacob Held, University of Central Arkansas, “Interpreting ‘Cruel’ in the Eighth Amendment and the Impact of Punishment”

3E. Diversity and the Basis of Tolerance

Chair:  Jim Molos

Chris Lowry, Queen’s University, “Kymlicka’s Comprehensive Liberalism: Autonomy or Well-Being?”


Jacob Affolter, University of CaliforniaRiverside, “Tolerance and Diversity as Intrinsic Goods”

Dinner (on your own)



First Plenary Session: 8:00 - 9:30 p.m.


Chair: Alistair Macleod, NASSP President


Speaker: Anthony Appiah, Princeton University, “The Diversity of Identity”

Reception: 9:30 - 10:30 p.m.

            Announcement of Graduate Student Award by Margaret Crouch, Vice President of NASSP and chair of the selection committee



Friday, July 13

8:30-5:00 Registration 

Session 4: 9:00-10:30 a.m.

4A. Liberalism and Nationalism

Chair: Janet Slagter

Jacob Joshua Ross, Tel-Aviv University, “Does Diversity Necessarily Entail National Sovereignty?”

Storm Heter, East Stroudsburg University, “A Right to Culture?  Liberalism and Zionism”

4B. Racism, Reason, and Politics

Chair: Chris Lowry

James Boettcher, St. Joseph’s University, “Race and Ideal Theory”

Robert Murray, Ryerson University, “Moral History, Racial Rumours, and Rational Reconstruction”

4C. Global Justice, Diversity, and Structural Inequality

Chair: Jeff Gauthier

Jean-Marie Makang, Frostburg State University, “An Examination of Cultural Globalization in the Light of Teilhardian Cosmopolitanism”

4D. Nations and the Formation of Group Identities

Chair: Margaret Gilleo

Jim Molos, Queen’s University, “Rethinking The Nature Of Nations”

Sue Campbell, Dalhousie University, “Memory, Diversity, and Solidarity”

4E. SPECIAL SESSION:  A Good Life in a World Made Good: Albert Eustace Haydon, 1880-1975 (American Liberal Religious Thought), by an NASSP founder, Creighton Peden.

Speakers: William L. McBride, Purdue University

                Matthew Silliman, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

                Creighton Peden, author of A Good Life in a World Made Good


Session 5: 10:45-12:15 p.m.

5A. Feminism and Historical Identity Formation

Chair:  Christine Koggel

Allison Weir, Wilfrid Laurier University, “Who are We? Modern Identities Between Taylor and Foucault”

Nathan Placencia, University of CaliforniaRiverside, “Revealing Identities”

5B. Race and Racism in Science and Medicine

Chair:  Kevin Graham

Jennifer Faust, California State University, “The Ethics of Scientific Research Utilizing Race as a Variable”

Neelam Sethi, Cornell University, “Race, Diversity and Health Care in the Global Context”

5C. Humanitarian Intervention and State Sovereignty

Chair:  Anna Moltchanova

Jordy Rocheleau, Austin Peay State University, “Limiting Sovereignty and War:  Between Cosmopolitanism and International Law”

Jennifer Szende, Queen’s University, “Selective Humanitarian Intervention: Some Considerations”

5D. Autonomy and Justice for Children

Chair:  Johann Klaassen

Bernard Prusak, Villanova University, “Teaching Your Children Well: Critical Reflections on How to Formulate the Rights and Wrongs”

Penny Weiss, Purdue University, “Political Children

5E. Social Implications of the Prison Complex

Chair:  David Wood

Fred Struckmeyer, West Chester University, “Punishing Crime in America: One Man’s Critique”

Jeffrey Paris, University of San Francisco, “Prisonization and the Philosophy of Race”


Lunch 12:15-1:45 p.m. (on your own)

Session 6: 1:45-3:15 p.m.

6A. Universality, Pluralism and Conflict in the Public Sphere

Chair: Andrew Volmert

Wade Roberts, Duquesne University, “Re-imagining Universality as the Site of Contestation: The Play of Universality and Particularity in the Recent Work of Ernesto LaClau”

Jonathan Keen, Virginia Tech., “Plurality of the Public Sphere: Habermas & Subaltern Counterpublics”

6B. Racial Formation in the United States

Chair:  James Boettcher

Grant Silva, University of Oregon, “The American Identity Crisis or “Two Dogmas” of Racialization”

Kevin Graham, Creighton University, “The Yellow Peril: Asian American Racial Identity, 1840-2000”

6C. Human Rights and Cultural Diversity

Chair:  Michael Menser

Jeff Gauthier, University of Portland, “Cultural Diversity and Human Rights: Toward a Hegelian Reconciliation”

Alistair Macleod, Queen’s University,Universal Human Rights and Cultural Diversity [or Is the Diversity of Cultural Beliefs and Practices a Threat to the Universality of Human Rights?]”

6D. Feminism, Oppression, and Autonomy

Chair:  Margaret Crouch

Patricia Marino, University of Waterloo, “How Do We Respect Sexual Autonomy?”

Lisa Schwartzman, Michigan State University, “Autonomy, Women’s Oppression, and Liberal Methodology”

Book Award 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Chair:  Colleen Stameshkin, Millersville University and Local Host

Lucas Swaine, The Liberal Conscience: Politics and Principle in a World of Religious Pluralism. Columbia University Press, N.Y., 2006.


Joseph Betz, Villanova University (Chair of Book Award Committee)

Deen Chatterjee, University of Utah

(Thanks also to Kok Chor Tan who was also a member of the book award committee)

Banquet 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. 

Business Meeting 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Saturday, July 14

Session 7: 9:00-10:30 a.m.

7A. Non-ideal Theory, Non-domination, and Conflict Resolution

Chair:  Mark Jensen

Sarah Clark Miller, University of Memphis, “Global Diversity, Distance and Oppression: A Nonideal Theory of Obligation”

Bongrae Seok, Alvernia College, “Non-Taxomic Reasoning and Conflict Resolution in Chinese Philosophy”

7B. Solidarity

Chair: Sue Campbell

Robert Strikwerda, Purdue University, “Solidarity among Four Theorists: Shelby, Durkheim, Rorty, and Hollinger”

Sally Scholz, Villanova University, “Can the KKK exhibit Political Solidarity?”

7C. Rape and Sexual Harassment in International Law

Chair: Nancy Snow

Margaret Crouch, Eastern Michigan University, “Sexual Harassment in Latin America

Neda Hadjikhani, Binghamton University, “Prosecuting Rape Internationally:  Larry May and the International Criminal Court”

7D.  Ethics in Business and Information Technology

Chair: Paul Voice

Daryl Wennemann, Fontbonne University, “Free-Market Capitalism with a Soul: Capitalism and Community in the Information Age”

Ovadia Ezra, Tel-Aviv University, “Protecting the Privacy of Individuals in an Invasive Reality”

7E. Group Responsibility and Environmental Concerns

Chair: Wendy Lee

Joan Woolfrey, West Chester University, “The Importance of Group Moral Agency on Environmental Responsibility”

Julia Watt, University of Western Ontario, “Feeling Responsible: the Problem of Individual Complicity in Collective Harms (or, Why am I not a vegetarian?)”


Session 8: 10:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

8A.  Ethical Theory

Chair:  Lisa Schwartzman

Nancy Snow, Marquette University, “Can the Wicked Be Happy?”

Helga Varden, University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana, “The Priority of Justice to Care”

8B. The Wrongness of Racism

Chair:   Lydia Moland

Thomas Donahue, Johns Hopkins University, “What Makes Racism Wrong?”

Jan Narveson, University of Waterloo, “Racism, “ismism”, and Globalism”

8C.  Religion, Politics, and Terrorism

Chair:  Neda Hadjikhani

Mark Jensen, Valparaiso University, “Found in Translation? Habermas on Religion Arguments in the Public Sphere

Doug Knapp, Inver Hills Community College, “Lessons Concerning What Has Been Called ‘The First Modern Suicide Bombing’”

8D. Medical Ethics and Individual Responsibility

Chair: Aaron Lercher

Lisa Cassidy, Ramapo College of New Jersey, “Leave an Organ, Take an Organ: A Plan for Adopted Children and Their Biological Families”

Julie Ponesse and Carolyn McLeod, University of Western Ontario, “Infertility And Moral Luck”

8E.  From Ideal Theory to Political Practice

Chair:  Julia Watt

Christine Koggel, Bryn Mawr College, “Power in Theory/Empowerment in Practice: Feminist Postcolonial Insights in the Global Context”

Monica Mueller, Binghamton University, “Supplementing the Politics of Administration”

Lunch 12:15-1:45 p.m. (on your own)

Session 9: 1:45-3:15

9A.  Morality, Authority, and Legitimacy

Chair:  Mark Navin

Azzurra Crispino, Texas A & M, “Fuller on Drugs: A Case Study Regarding Fuller’s Natural Law Theory”

Ronda Lee Roberts, Michigan State University, “Willing the General Will towards an Eternal Peace: A Look at the General Will in Kantian Politics”

9B.  Postcolonialism, Embodiment, and Agency

Chair: David Gandolfo

Drina Bosnjak, York University, “Knowing and Seeing:  An Embodied Account of Visual Agency”

Emily Lee, California State University, “Homi Bhabha’s Postcolonial Metropolitan Subject

9C.  Participatory Democracy

Chair:  Wade Roberts

Michael Menser, Brooklyn College/CUNY, “The Global Justice Movement and the Reinvention of Participatory Democracy”

Fuat Gürsözlü, Binghamton University, “Two Models of Democracy and the Problem of Peaceful Political Action”

9D. Justice in Health Care Distribution

Chair:  Lisa Cassidy

Barry DeCoster, Vassar College, “Just Rationing Decisions in the Face of Possible Global Pandemics”

Aaron Lercher, University of Buffalo, “Two Problems of Health Care Justice”


Second Plenary Session 3:30-5:00

Chair:  Carol Gould, Temple University

Speaker:  Tommie Shelby, Harvard University, “Racism, Morality, and Social Criticism”



Special Thanks to


Colleen Stameshkin, Local Host


Jordy Rocheleau & Sally Scholz,

Program Chairs








NASSP Executive Committee

Alistair Macleod, President

William McBride, Past President

Margaret Crouch, Vice President

Matt Silliman, Archivist

Kevin Graham, Treasurer