Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts



July 17th Thursday


Registration; Book Display: 1:00-5:00 PM  Egan Foyer


Session 1: 2:00-3:30


A: “Defining Terrorism”: 340 Egan


      Chair: Arthur Garrison, Delaware Criminal Justice Council


      Phillip McReynolds, Gonzaga University, “Terrorism as a Technological Concept, and How Low vs. High Technology Defines Terrorism and Dictates our Response”


      Colleen Murphy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “What is Terrorism?”



B. “Hobbes, Darwin, and Human Nature”: 440 Egan


       Chair: Jason L. Mallory, Binghamton University


Noel Boulting, “Ought Hobbes’s Natural Condition of Mankind Be Represented as a Prisoner’s Dilemma?”


     Doug Knapp, Inver Hills Community College, “Weighing Some Reasons or Motivations surrounding               the 9/11 Attack”


C. “International Justice”: 306 Egan


Chair: Nelson P. Lande, University of Massachusetts/Boston and Northeastern University


Anna Moltchanova, Carleton College, “Normative Theory and Territorial Integrity of Multinational States”


Allison B. Wolf, Michigan State University, “Justice Across the Americas: Who is Obligated to Provide Resources for Nicaraguan Health Care in Costa Rica”


Session 2: 3:45-5:15


A.     “Terrorism and Just War Theory”: 340 Egan


       Chair: Nancy Snow, Marquette University


      Joseph Betz, Villanova University, “The Definition of Terrorism”


      Jan Narveson, University of Waterloo, “Pacifism,Terrorism: Why Just War Theory Condemns Both”


  B.     “Terrorism, Religion, Fanaticism”: 440 Egan


Chair: Colleen Stameshkin, Millersville University


Norman Fischer, Kent State University, “How to Counter Terrorism Today: The Lessons of Sir Walter Scott’s Novels of Scottish Religious Wars”


      Lydia Moland, Boston University, “The Conscience of a Terrorist: Social Institutions and Volitional      Necessity”


C. “Conceptions of Freedom”: 306 Egan


      Chair: Margaret Crouch, Eastern Michigan University


      Andrew F. Smith, SUNY, Stony Brook, “Value Pluralism and the Case for Freedom as Non-Domination”


      Jennifer Benson, Michigan State University, “Be-ing with Integrity: A Radical Feminist Conception of        Freedom”


Dinner on one’s own


First Plenary Session: 7:00-8:30: Raytheon Amphitheater (240 Egan): Ted Honderich, Grote Professor Emeritus, University College London, "Terrorism for Humanity."


Reception: 8:30-9:45: Egan Foyer


July 18th Friday


8:30-5:00 Registration; Book Display: Egan Foyer


8:30-9:00 Coffee: Egan Foyer


Session 3: 9:00-10:30


A. “Concepts of Terrorism”: 340 Egan


Chair: Gordon Haist, University of South Carolina at Beaufort


      Mark P. Sheehan, Keele University, “On the Nature of Terrorism”


Arthur Garrison, Delaware Criminal Justice Council, “Terrorism by Any Other Name is Still Terrorism”


B. “Violence Against Groups”: 440 Egan


      Chair: Richard M. Buck, Mount Saint Mary’s College


Tracy Isaacs, University of Western Ontario, “Attributing Responsibility to Individuals for Collective Wrongs”


      Robin May Schott, University of Copenhagen, “Feminist Ethics of Conflict”


C. “Morality and Personal Response”: 220 Shillman


Chair: Jacob Joshua Ross, Tel Aviv University


      Sarah Harper, Boston College, “Role-Centered Morality”


Alma S. Santiago, St. Scholastica’s College, and Dela Salle University – College of St. Benilde,  Manila, Philippines, “Emmanuel Levinas: On Altruistic Love and Responsibility for the Other”


D. “Terrorism and Democracy”: 210 Shillman


Chair: Steve Vanderheiden, University of Minnesota, Duluth


Carol Gould, Stevens Institute of Technology and Columbia University, “Terrorism, Empathy, and Democracy”


Colleen Stameshkin, Millersville University, “’Collateral Damage’ and the Constraints of Human Decency”


Session 4: 10:45-12:15


A. “GLBT Issues”: 340 Egan


      Chair , William McBride, Purdue University


      Christine Overall, Queen’s University, “Transsexualism and ‘Transracialism’”


Barry DeCoster, Michigan State University, “Conflicts in Research of the Sexual Health Needs of GLBT Populations: A Critical Discussion of the AAA’s Ethical Guidelines Regarding Sexual Relationships between Researchers and Study Populations”


B. “State and Non-State Violence”: 440 Egan


Chair: Alistair Macleod, Queen’s University


Stephen Nathanson, Northeastern University, “Restoring Credibility to Moral Condemnation of Terrorism”


      Jacob Joshua Ross, Tel-Aviv University, “Why Terrorism Must Be Outlawed”


C.       “Counterpublics”: 220 Shillman


Chair: Joseph Betz, Villanova University


Falguni A. Sheth, Hampshire College, “Lott v. Ashcroft: Statelessness and the New Pariahs and Parvenus”


Crista Lebens, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, “The Transformative Possibilities of Counter-Publics”


D.     “US Domestic Reactions to Terroristic Threats”: 205 Shillman


Chair: Colleen Murphy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Johanna S. Shockley, Binghamton University, “Inside the Carapace: Terrorism, Fetishism and Social Discourse”


      John Alan Cohan, Independent Scholar, “Seditious Conspiracy, the Smith Act, and Prosecution for Religious Speech Advocating the Violent Overthrow of Government”


Lunch: 12:15-1:30


Session 5: 1:30-3:00


A.     “Justifying Terror”: 340 Egan


Chair: Maria Borges, University of Santa Catarina   


Gordon Haist, University of South Carolina at Beaufort, “The Argument of bin Laden: Success or Failure?”


      Nelson P. Lande, University of Massachusetts/Boston and Northeastern University, “Trotsky’s Brilliant Flame and Broken Reed”


B.     “Human Rights and NGO’s; Terrorism and Politics”: 440 Egan


Chair: Wendy Donner, Carleton University


      Sharon Anderson-Gold, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, “Terrorism and the Politics of Human Rights”


Jonathan Roberge, University of Montreal, “Terrorism in the Shadow of Politics: A Reassessment of Georg Simmel’s Conflict and Secrecy Theories”


 C.     “Critiques of Rawls; Terrorism and Politics”: 220 Shillman


Chair: Andrew F. Smith, SUNY, Stony Brook


 Lisa H. Schwartzman, Michigan State University, “Gender Categories, Pluralism, and Feminist Justice: A Critique of Rawls”


Edmund Byrne, Indiana University, Indianapolis, “Reflective Equilibrium and Global Affairs: Beyond Rawls and Realpolitik”


Session 6: 3:15-4:45


A.     “Children”: 340 Egan


Chair: Carolyn McLeod, University of Western Ontario


Tricha Shivas, Michigan State University, “Picturing Harm: Virtual Child Pornography and the Sexualization of Children”


Michael W. Austin, University of Colorado at Boulder, “On the Justification and Extent of Parental Rights”


B.     “Causes and Justifications for Terrorism”: 440 Egan


Chair: Tracy Isaacs, University of Western Ontario  


 Alistair Macleod, Queen’s University, “Terrorism and the Root Causes Argument”


Matthew Silliman, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, “Weighing Evils: Political Violence and        Democratic Deliberation”


C.  “Communities, Group Rights, and Equality”: 220 Shillman


Chair: Marion Smiley, Brandeis University


      Dale Murray, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “Self-Determination, Group Membership and the Role of Citizenship”


Jeffery Lynn Nicholas, Villanova University, “Equality, Community, and Rights: Reviewing the Feminist Case Against Communitarianism”


D.  “Punishment”: 205 Shillman


     Chair: Jeffery Lynn Nicholas, Villanova University


Christopher Ciochetti, Centenary College of Louisiana, “Punishment, Reintegration and Ambivalent Victims”


Jason L. Mallory, Binghamton University, “The Challenge of Penal Abolitionism to Social Philosophy”


Book Award 4:45-6:15: Raytheon Amphitheater (240 Egan): Presented to Professor Paul Weithman, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame 




Commentators: Sharon Anderson-Gold, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and John Rowan, Purdue/Calumet.


Banquet: 450 Dodge



July 19th Saturday


8:30-9:00 Coffee: Egan Foyer


Session 7: 9:00-10:30



A. “Can Evil Be Justified?: 340 Egan


      Chair: Bill Pamerleau, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg


Todd Calder, University of Western Ontario, “Evil, Ignorance and Excuse”


      Zac Cogley, The Ohio State University, “Kantian Dirty Hands”


B.     “Israel, Palestine and Military Reprisals to Terrorism”: 440 Egan


Chair: David Felder, Florida A & M University


      Ovadia Ezra, Tel-Aviv University “Selective Disobedience on the Basis of Territory”


Richard M. Buck, Mount Saint Mary’s College, “Beyond Retribution: Collective Punishment and Reasonable Reprisals”


C. “Just War and ‘Preventive War’”: 220 Shillman


Chair: Julie McDonald, St. Joseph’s University


Bryan Benham, University of Utah, “Pre-Emptive Justification for War On Iraq: Just Cause, Terrorism and Weapons of  Mass Destruction”


Xiao Wei, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, “Terrorism:  From Confucian Ethical Perspectives”



D. “Paternalism; International Law”: 205 Shillman


Chair: Jordy Rocheleau, Austin Peay State University


Marion Smiley, Brandeis University, “Re-Thinking ‘Paternalism’ for a Democratic Welfare State”


      Lazar S. Popov, Purdue University, “Can International Law Be Binding?: A ‘Semantic’ Backing of H.L.A. Hart’s Concept of International Law”


Session 8: 10:45-12:15


A.  “Pacifism and Just War Theory”: 340 Egan


      Chair: Todd Calder, University of Western Ontario


Wendy Donner, Carleton University, “The Bodhisattva Precepts and Compassion: A Mahayana Buddhist Perspective on Violence and Nonviolence”


      John Wright, Miami University, “Is Skepticism about Just War Just Plain Skepticism?”


B. “Just War Theory ”: 440 Egan


      Chair: Bryan Benham, University of Utah


Denis Vlahovic, University of St. Thomas, “Classical Just War Theory on Terrorism”


      Jeanne Schuler/Patrick Murray, Creighton University, “Capitalism and Nihilism”


C. “Feminism”: 220 Shillman


Chair: Lisa H. Schwartzman, Michigan State University


Carolyn McLeod, University of Western Ontario, “Pro-Life Persuasion in Medicine:  A Matter of Integrity?”


      Margaret A. Crouch, Eastern Michigan University, “Gender and Self-Defense”


D. “Rights of Citizens vs. Non-Citizens”: 205 Shillman


     Chair: Kevin Graham, Creighton University


Shelley Wilcox, Temple University, “Culture, National Identity, and Admission to Citizenship”


      William B. Griffith, George Washington University, “How Should We Weigh the Moral Rights-Claims of Non-Citizens in the U.S.?: Social Contract and Human Rights Arguments Concerning ‘Due Process’ Protections and Eligibility for ‘Welfare’ Benefits”


Lunch: 12:15-1:30


Second Plenary Session: 1:30-3:00: Raytheon Amphitheater (240 Egan): Virginia Held, Hunter College of CUNY, "Terrorism as Small War."


Session 9: 3:15-4:45


A. “War, Conscience, and Patriotism”: 340 Egan


Chair: Falguni A. Sheth, Hampshire College


Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, The Colorado College, “War and Conscience”


      Simon Keller, Boston University, “Patriotism as Bad Faith”


B. “Kant’s ‘Perpetual Peace’”: 440 Egan


     Chair: Robin May Schott, University of Copenhagen


Maria Borges, University of Santa Catarina, “War and Perpetual Peace: Hegel v. Kant”


      Jordy Rocheleau, Austin Peay State University, “The Dimming Horizon of Perpetual Peace: Challenges to Morally Constraining War through National Democracy and International Law”


C. “Is Terror Sometimes Permissible?”: 220 Shillman


      Chair: Lazar S. Popov, Purdue University


      Whitley Kaufman, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, “Terrorism, Self-Defense, and Consequentialism”


      Steve Vanderheiden, University of Minnesota, Duluth, “All is Fair? Moral Rules During Wartime”


D. “Democracy”: 205 Shillman


Chair: Cheryl Hughes, Wabash College


      Walter Riker, University of Tennessee, “Democracy, Republicanism, and Global Stability”


      Yoav Hammer/Moshe Cohen-Eliya, Ramat Gan Law School, Israel, “Self-Defending Democracy and Democratic Culture”


Session 10: 5:00-6:30


A. “Fanaticism, Humanity”: 340 Egan


     Chair: Lydia Moland, Boston University


Ryan E. Walther, Duquesne University, “Gadamer on the Language of Fanaticism”


     Allan Santos Layug, University of the Philippines, “Reclaiming Humanity Amid Terror”


B. “Carl Schmitt’s Friend/Enmity”: 440 Egan


Chair: Doug Knapp, Inver Hills Community College


Vicente Medina, Seton Hall University, “The Concept of Enmity and the Contestability of Terrorism”


     Daniel Collins-Cavanaugh, The George Washington University, “Terrorists: Existential Threats or Merely a Nuisance?: Schmitt’s Friend/Enmity Distinction and the War on Terror”


C.  “Race and Ethnicity”: 306 Egan


     Chair: Shelley Wilcox, Temple University


Kevin Graham, Creighton University, “Police Violence and the White Supremacist State”


      J.L.A. Garcia, Boston College, “Some Difficulties in Race and Ethnicity as Social Constructions and as Social Identities”


6:30-7:30 Business Meeting: 340 Egan


7:30 Dinner on one’s own