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Class Schedule

*Class schedule is subject to revision throughout the semester.
WDate Lecture Lab Assignment
(due next class)
18/27 (T) Intro to CL Setup, orientation, string processing Exercise 1: Python refresher quiz
8/29 (Th) Python functions, data types Exercise 2: Python quiz, Pig Latin
29/3 (T) Encoding systems, Unicode Text processing with NLTK Exercise 3
9/5 (Th) Spell checking fundamentals: edit distance HW1: spell checker, text processing
39/10 (T) n-gram context List comprehension Ex
9/12 (Th) Conditional probability, n-gram frequency NLTK's n-gram functions, conditional freq dist HW2: Bigram Speak
49/17 (T) HW2 review; N-gram language models Processing web resources Ex
9/19 (Th) Corpus linguistics: type, token, TTR NLTK's corpus tools HW3: corpus processing (week-long)
59/24 (T) Zipf's law, freq distribution, n-grams -
9/26 (Th) HW3 review Ex
610/1 (T) Naive Bayes classifier intro NLTK's Naive Bayes classifier HW4: Who said it? (week-long)
10/3 (Th) Bayes theorem, evaluation metrics -
710/8 (T) HW4 & midterm review -
10/10 (Th) Midterm exam
810/15 (T) Regex, FSA Ex
10/17 (Th) HW5: Python's re module
910/22 (T) Morphology, FST Ex
10/24 (Th) HW6: morphological analysis
1010/29 (T) POS tagging Ex
10/31 (Th) HW7: POS tagging
1111/5 (T) Trees, parsing Ex
11/7 (Th) HW8: CFG and parsing
1211/12 (T) Ex
11/14 (Th) Computational semantics: WordNet HW9: WordNet and word vectors
1311/19 (T) Distributed semantics --
11/21 (Th) HW10: deep learning & MT
Thanksgiving break (whole week)
1412/3 (T) Formal language theory -
12/5 (Th) -
15 Date TBD Final exam
*Class schedule is subject to revision throughout the semester.