In Musculoskeletal Research Center, research is focused on two areas: 1) functional tissue engineering and tissue regeneration, and 2) Ligament and tendon properties and joint biomechanics. Our laboratories (Mechanobiology, Tissue Mechanics and Knee Kinematics & Robotics) focus their research efforts on these two areas. Functional tissue engineering research investigates the cellular and molecular responses to mechanical stimuli and manipulates these processes to improve the outcome of healing. The robotics and computational biomechanics research uses robotic technology and numerical modeling techniques to examine joint function and detail the contribution of individual ligaments and other soft tissue structures.

Molecular & Cellular Level
  • Mechanobiology Lab
Tissue Level

  • Tissue Mechanics Lab
Joint Level

  • Knee Kinematics & Robotics Lab
Computational Level

  • Knee Kinematics & Robotics Lab