International Symposium
Ligaments & Tendons - ISL&T-XVII

April 21, 2018

Hangzhou The New Hotel
No 58 Beishan Road
Hangzhou, Zhejiang
China 310007

General Information
Preliminary Program
Symposium Awards
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General Information

The International Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons (ISL&T) provides a forum to discuss state-of-the-art ligament and tendon research. By bringing together some of the best minds in our field, we hope to address challenging problems in ligament and tendon biomechanics and biology, and set new research directions that hold great potential for the future.

Conference Location
The New Hotel
No. 58 Bershan Road
Hangzhou, Zhejiang
China 310007

Conference Co-Chairs
Hong-Wei Ouyang, MD, PhD
Zong-Ming Li, PhD
Savio L-Y. Woo, PhD, DSc, DEng
Honorary Chair

Program Committee Chair
James H-C. Wang, PhD

Program Vice Chair
Xiao Chen, PhD

Administrative Support
Ms. Diann DeCenzo
Ms. Yin Zi
Ms. Carli Norman
Dr. Jonquil Mau
Dr. Qinqin Huang

International Program Committee
Paul Ackermann, MD, PhD (Europe)   Alex Almarza, PhD (North America)
Shiyi Chen, MD, PhD (Asia)   David Corr, PhD (North America)
Matthew Fisher, PhD (North America)   Sai-Chuen Bruma Fu, PhD (Asia)
James Goh, PhD (Asia)   Alice Huang, (North America)
Michael Lavagnino, PhD (North America)   Thay Lee, PhD (North America)
Gang Li, MBBS, DPhil (Asia)   Guoan Li, PhD (North America)
Wei Liu, PhD (Asia)   Helen Lu, PhD (North America)
Joo Han Oh, MD (Asia)   Tingwu Qin, PhD (Asia)
Hazel Screen, PhD (Europe)   Jason Shearn (North America)
Roger Smith, PhD (Europe)   Lou Soslowsky, PhD (North America)
Herb Sun, PhD (North America)   Yulong Sun, PhD (Asia)
Kang Lai Tang, PhD (Asia)   Stavros Thomopoulos, PhD (North America)
Vincent Wang, PhD (North America)   Patrick Yung, MD (North America)
Chunfeng Zhao, MD (North America)   Minghao Zheng, PhD (Australia)
Nigel Zheng, PhD (North America)  

International Advisory Committee
Savio L-Y. Woo, PhD, DSc, DEng (North America) (Chair)
Steven Arnoczky, DVM (North America)   Albert Banes, PhD (North America)
Kai-Ming Chan, MD (Asia)   Chih-Hwa Chen, MD, PhD (Asia)
David T. Corr, PhD (North America)   Mahmut Nedim Doral, MD (Europe)
James Goh, PhD (Asia)   Catherine Kuo, PhD (North America)
Thay Lee, PhD (North America)   Guoan Li, PhD (North America)
Zong-Ming Li, PhD (North America)   Helen Lu, PhD (North America)
Hong-Wei Ouyan, MD, PhD (Asia)   Christos Papageorgiou, MD (Europe)
Per Renstrom, MD (Europe)   Louis Soslowsky, PhD (North America)
Stavros Thomopoulos, PhD (North America)   Ray Vanderby, Jr., PhD (North America)
James Wang, PhD (North America)   Jennifer Wayne, PhD (North America)
Minghao Zheng, MD, PhD (Asia)